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Special Items Back Up for Grabs!

Sailor Moon Alarm Clock and KHII Standee!!
....Ok so the last person who wanted the standee never got back to me ;_;, so I am relisting it along with the alarm clock because I've lowered the price on that also.

Basically..I am trying to get money to get a couple of things because Im low on cash ^_^ and I suppose anything helps :D

The Eternal Sailor Moon Alarm Clock

She is a huge alarm clock-but sooo cute ^__^ She takes AA batteries (which I will include 2 sets of them for you). It's perfect for any Sailor Moon fan!! (her odangos are behind her head in that picture XD-but they are there O_O;)
$18 Shipped ^_^

Kingdom Hearts II Display

The display is PICK UP ONLY (unless you want to pay the crazy shipping fees...60..dollar..shipping because it's "irregular". As you can see it is quite large and quite beautiful :O I live in Michigan and if you would like me to drop it off for you also that...can be arranged..but within limits XD
-Make an offer on this ^_^-

I also have some other things
(Make Offers for these ^_^)
CHOBITS-VOL 1-Brand New Condition (I have a bilingual version..so I can get rid of the English Version)
TSUBASA RESERVOIR CHRONICLE-VOL 2-Brand New Condition-Was bought for me as a gift..and I already have it.
NEGIMA VOL 1-Brand New-see above.
Ah My Goddess-Sympathy for the Devil-Good condition-I say that because it has minor shelf wear.

(make offers also..)

Fullmetal Alchemist-ENVY Trading Arts figure
Cowboy Bebop-Faye Valentine figure.

Several HK Plush (Bunny and Striped Shirt are gone)

***I have 100% Buyer/Seller feedback on Ebay :D***
***Please feel free to make offers on anything,I guess every little bit counts..x_o; XD***
**PAYPAL is preffered..though I will consider other payments..**

Thanks so much for looking! :D
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