joisu_chan (joisu_chan) wrote in garagesalejapan,

HYDE SF concert Tickets in Slim's and The Fillmore

LAST CHANCE to get tickets for HYDE's first US Tour in America!

As I've said here, the people I was going with couldn't go anymore, and I don't want these tickets to go to waste. It's meant for people to see hyde!

I have 2 tickets left for Slim's -which is a small venue- very intimate with performers; cost $18 each (This is what I paid
1 for The Fillmore
-which is the LAST HYDE concert!; cost $30 <- this price has been lowered. charged me loads of bull** fees.

I will be at both concert venues, so there is no worry about will call tickets and meeting up. I do have the hard copy ticket for the Fillmore one, and I'd email it to you if you pay thru paypal (credit card). I accept paypal and cash up front at the concert venues! We can exchage phone numbers. My contact email is chibijoisu at gmail dot com.

If nobody buys these right now, I will still be at the concert. If you change your mind and want to see HYDE perform, IM me on AIM: hydeiwunakis and we can meet up so you can pay me and we can both line up and get in together =D

I'm flying early tomorrow (July 4th) to California, so please contact me today.

If you want a feedback thing, I only have eBay and I usually just buy stuff from people.

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