Jai Graham (tartlet) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Jai Graham

Edward Elric Coat -- Interest?

Okay, so my bills are piling up faster than my paychecks are coming, so I hate to do this, but I ... might just sell off my red Elric coat. But before you crazy FMA types get excited... read behind the cut.

Up for potential sale (RE: if someone makes a good enough offer) is a hand-made Edward Elric coat. This was the first I made of what should have been many... I meant to use it as a spring/summer coat (so there is no metal clasp), so it's made of cotton-poly, and fully lined. The colour is as accurate as it could be. However, there are a few small defects:

Defect A: Inside-out lining.
This was a heavily altered pattern and on the inside of the hood there is one seam that is fully visiable. It has been ironed flat and is cut with pinking shears so that it will not fray. It is not visible from a distance.

Defect B: Some seams.
While nearly all of my seams are straight and clean, there are a few places where the foote of my machine studdered over the fabric, causing some small bumps. The most noticable (though again, it is not something visable from any distance) is on the left sleeve.

Again, I do not look at these as defects so much as I do little quirks that make the coat unique. If there is any interest, I will be happy to take photos and share them.

The symbol on the back is hand painted with a self-created template. It is set fabric paint so it should not disappear... it has survived one wash already, and can be ironed so long as there is a dishtowel covering the design.

I paid roughly $25 for the materials (fabric, the heavily altered base pattern, thread & paint), so I'm looking for best offers that would cover the cost of materials. I understand that because this is a first test run, it has its imperfections, but this would be a fun spring/summer/early fall coat for any FMA fan to wear out, or even to a convention.

I stand 5'7". I based the coat how it would fit Edward Elric, I made it a touch longer than his so it would dwarf me a little bit and make me a bit shorter.

My measurements are 36 (bust)/30 (waist)/41 (hips), but the coats are pretty free. Again, if tehre is any interest, I will provide perfect measurements.

Comment with any interest. I appreciate PayPal buyers, as the urgency for cash is pretty intense right now. ^-^;;
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