Amy the Yu (amy_the_yu) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Amy the Yu

Taking Requests

I'm wondering if anyone here has merchandise from a specific series that they'd like to buy. 

I'm currently in China and gonna go shopping for anime merch tomorrow.  I get discounts from several of the anime stores here cause I've been buying in bulk for myself, my friends and my university's anime club (it rocks being able to shop using the club's budget).

I can get a lot of official merch for a LOT cheaper than you'd find from the overseas sellers since I'm not importing it all from any real distance (plus, the discounts help).  I'll list up stuff I found sometime next week.

If the series you are searching for merch from is rather large and there's a lot of merch, then tell me what type of stuff you would like specifically, or what you don't want.  Otherwise, if the series doesn't have much merch available, then just a series name will do. ^^

I'll be checking requests until Friday evening (in North America), since that's saturday morning to me.
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