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Buying/Selling Post

First sale post here ^^ I live in the USA, all prices are in USD. Non-smoker household.

Buying: Decent (or better) condition manga in Japanese, good art, action/supernatural genre. Looking for unknown (not popular!) stuff ~ post a comment if you have anything (with price), or point me to your selling page.

Selling: English and Japanese language manga & Japanese novels.

English Manga: (pictures/info under cut)
Ragnarok 1-4
Les Bijoux 1-5 (complete)

Japanese Manga: (pictures/info under cut ~ some are shounen-ai)
Na mo Naki Tori ni Tobu Yoake (Innocent Bird) v1-3 (complete), Macaroni v1, Horizon, Tsuki to Mizu no Yoru v1-2 (complete), Switch v1+3, Repure, Nishi no Tsuki Higari no Taiyou v1, Hotaruzuki yo ni Kimi no Na wo, Hare Tokidoki Tenshi, Majinaru, Kowarehajimeta Tenshi-tachi v1, Hane Glass no Kimi, Ashita no Tamago v1-2 (complete)

Japanese Novels: Shi ga Hutari o Wakatsu Made (Until Death do us Part) v1-2

English Manga:

Ragnarok 1-4 by Myung-Jin Lee. Mint condition, minor shelf wear. $6 each or all four for $20.
Les Bijoux 1-5 (complete) by Park Sang Sun. Good condition, no creases/tears, has shelfwear & yellowed pages. Selling as a set only, $20.

Shounen-ai is light romantic between men. Yaoi is a more graphic gay relationship.

Switch v1+3 by Naked Ape. Mint condition. Genre: Police/Action. $4 each.
Ashita no Tamago v1-2 (complete) by Kaimu Tachibana. Good condition. Genre: Whacky adventure. $4 for both, sold as set only.

(left) Tsuki to Mizu no Yoru v1-2 (complete) by Niki Kajiwara. Spine has multiple creases from being flattened, otherwise good. Genre: light shounen-ai, supernatural, drama. $6 for both, set only.
(middle) Hotaruzukiyo ni Kimi no Na o by Hirone Shii. Mint condition, minor shelfwear. Genre: historical supernatural. $3.
(right) Hare Tokidoki Tenshi by Hirone Shii. Mint condition, minor shelfwear. Genre: fun supernatural. $3.

Na mo Naki Tori no Tobu Yoake (Innocent Bird) v1-3 (complete). Spines have multiple creases from being flattened, otherwise good. Genre: action, supernatural, shounen-ai. $9 for all, set only.
(bottom left) Macaroni v1 by Erii Mamahara. Mint condition. Genre: Shounen-ai, wild-west. $5.

(from left) Kowarehajimeta Tenshi-tachi v1 by Setsuri Tsuzuki. Mint condition. Genre: supernatural shoujo. $4.
(next) Majinaru by Dairaku Masahiko. Mint. Genre: Shounen action. $4.
(next) Hane Glass no Kimi by Misuzu Asaoka. Mint. Genre: Action/horror shoujo. $4.
(right) Horizon by Tamaki Fuji. Mint. Genre: Yaoi, drama. $5.

(left) Nishi no Tsuki Higari no Taiyou v1 by Yuuko Kuwabara. Mint. Genre: Supernatural shoujo. $4.
(right) Repure by Mia Ikumi. Mint. Genre: Supernatural shoujo.

Japanese novels

Shi ga Hutari o Wakatsu made (Until Death do us Part) v1-2, story by Sakae Maeda, art by Kyoko Negishi. Mint. $6 for both, set only.

Payment/Shipping Info
Payment by paypal only. Info request and paypal email is (also, you're welcome to ask anything or ask for additional pictures here).
My preferred shipping method is media mail (with a tracking number) within the USA (bubble-wrap mailers), $2 for 1-2 books, $1 every book after. (I will ship internationally or with a more expensive USA shipping method at your expense, by USPS rates.)
I have positive trading feedback at ebay, user: Jennatar
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