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Manga for sale!! lowered prices and all.

all manga/anime is in english/or subtitled. all in good condition and most only read once.
Prices! manga $5.00 and down (except yaoi $10.00).

PRICES $5.00 per book for books without stars by the name and $2.50!! for books with stars by the names. (let it be noted that some books will have something wrong with them ie bent covers or need alittle tape on the spine We got a donation of manga, They fell behind a book case and the covers got bent, But there are also many that are in very good condition just arnt very popular series with the majority of the ppl) all books are in good condition most only read once. all manga are shipped out in insulated envelopes unless there is a large order or requested otherwise (if requested otherwise there will be a small additional fee tacked on shipping) Money is going to a good cause.

Descendants of darkness 1-5
La esperanga 1-2 (yaoi $10.00)
Prince of tennis 1,2
Saint marie 1-2
angel diary 1-3 ($8.00)
bring it on 1($8.00)

President dad 1-4
Fushigi yuugi genbu kaden 1-3
Please save my earth 1-5 7-12
kamui 1-4
x-kai 1
kaze hikaru 1
Planet ladder 1-6
Steady beat 1
Glass wings 1
Black cat 1
Never give up 1
Othello 4-6
Vampire games 1, 3-14
PHD Phantasy degree 1&6
Miss me?
Warriors ofTao 1*
snow drop 1-2*
CAndidate Goddess 2*
Negami 1*
Call me princess*
Clamp school detectives 1*
Crescent moon 1-6*
Gate keepers 1*
Deus vitae 1*
One 1*
Whistle 1-8*
gundam seed 1*
One 1 *
juvenile orion 1-3*
A Midnight opera 1*
Model 3*
Alichino 1-3*
fake 1-2, *
Demon Diary 1-2*
Dragon voice 1*
Yu-gi-oh Millinnium world 1-3*
The Ruler of the land 1*
Louie the rune solder 1*
Desert Coral 1*
REbirth 1*
Shaoin sisters 1*
Dragon knights 1*
Happy lesson 1*(hentai)
CMX Pieces of a spairal 1*
Under the glass moon 1*
Unearthly 1*
CAfe occult 1*
Bow wow wata 1*
.Hack//Legend of the twilight 1-2*
Forbidden dance 1*
Eerie Queerie 4 (yaoiish)*
Mouryou Kiden 1*
Gadirok: requiem chorus 1-2*
juvenile orion 4-5*
Deus Vitae 1*
GAte Keepers 1*
Mink 1-2*
snowdrop 3-5*
confidential confessions 1*
saint tail 1*
I.N.V.U. 1-3*
Gundam wing battlefield of the pacifists*
Gundam wing 3*
Para Para *

Full metal alcemist messanger bag ($13.00) Picture available upon request

small fruits basket purse $8.00 (Picture available upon request


Fruits basket dvd 1 $10.00 (dubbed)

Fruits basket dvd 3 $10.00 (dubbed)
Fruits basket dvd 4 $10.00 (dubbed)
Aquarian age dvd 1 $10.00 (dubbed)
Aquarian age dvd 2 $10.00 (dubbed)
aishiteruze baby tv series $10.00 (subbed)
Brand new Harry potter and the prisoner of azcaban still in wrap vhs dubbed ($3.00)
Utena movie vhs dubbed ($3.00)
angel sanctuary movie vhs dubbed ($3.00)
X/1999 movie vhs dubbed ($3.00)
shadow skills ova vhs volume 1 dubbed ($3.00)
shadow skills ova vhs 2 dubbed ($3.00)
kenshin volume one vhs dubbed ($3.00)
kenshin volume two vhs dubbed ($3.00)
kenshin volume three vhs dubbed ($3.00)
Shipping.. no shipping out of the usa with the exception of canada. media mail or prioity mail available. priority mail is 5 dollars for 5 books. media mail is 3 dollars for 5 books.. will make exceptions if you get under 5 books. if you get a large number of books (over 20) will make an exception as well as long as it is media mail..Media mail takes up to 1-2 weeks depending on how far away you live from sender, no media mail for canada.

PAYMENTS: fROM THIS POINT ON I'LL ONLY BE TAKING PAYPAL OR CASH. With my work schedule its getting harder and harder to get to the bank within a resonable time to cash the checks and money orders. which means that it takes longer to get your packages out. sorry for the inconvience.
ORDERS WILL GO OUT EVERY SATURDAY my work schedule conflicts with the post office schedule. T_T

please if you do not intend to buy dont make the offer. Its not fair to others. and happy shopping ^_^

Also we're not making that much money with our low prices, so donations are appriciated,
If you're intrested in making donations you can do them via paypal to just put in the notes that they are donations, every cent is appriciated and loved, we'd be supper happy even if its 25 cents! thank you!!
UPDATE: wee guess what.. that goal for $350.00-$400.00.. its down to $185.00!!! thanks everyone!!!
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