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FOR SALE: JRock magazines & CDs

Hello everyone!

This is my first post here, and I'm selling some stuff that I hope you guys will be interested in.

Details & Prices

Issue of Fruits from 2000 (marked no.41). Sorry, I can't say much about it other than that. XD It's the usual pictures of street fashion & such.
Price: $3


CDs - Let me say this first: NONE OF THESE ARE BOOTLEGS. I do not buy or own bootlegs, and these are all 100% the real thing. They're also in perfect condition. I am extremely careful with all of my Japanese CDs (and their inserts).

BLOOD - 1st Period CD. 14 tracks, released 2004 by Cure.
Price: $12

DespairsRay - Born single/mini album + DVD. 5 tracks, released 2004 by Sweet-Heart/Universal. The DVD has the PV for Garnet on it. There's also a small cellphone screen (as pictured above). Please click here for a picture of the screen's packaging, it's never been opened or used.
Price: $20

Dir en grey - Kisou CD. 16 tracks, released 2002 by Firewall DIV/Sony. The case has a small crack in the back, but the CD & lyric booklet are both perfect.
Price: $15

X Japan - Jealousy CD. 10 tracks, released 1991 by Sony Japan. LIKE NEW CONDITION.
Price: $24 Up for auction on eBay.

X Japan - Blue Blood CD. 12 tracks, released 1989 by Sony Japan. LIKE NEW CONDITION.
Price: $24 Up for auction on eBay.


Payment & contact info

If you're interested in purchasing anything from me, please comment or contact me at Shipping will be based on the weight of the item(s), and your location within the US (I am in San Diego, CA). I generally don't ship overseas, but if you absolutely have to have something, I'm sure we can work it out. I don't accept PayPal (sorry!), which is pretty much the reason why I tend to not deal with international transactions. As for the forms of payment that I will accept, they are as follows:

Money Order (USPS strongly preferred) or Cashier's Check
Cash (well-concealed, AT YOUR OWN RISK)

Payments should be received within 14 days after you let me know that you want something. Insurance is extra and recommended, as I am NOT responsible for items lost/damaged in the mail. In addition, all items sold AS IS; there are NO refunds or exchanges of any kind. NO EXCEPTIONS. As I've never sold anything here before I have no feedback to show you, but you're more than welcome to check my eBay feedback. I've been buying/selling there for 7+ years.


Please feel free to email me with any questions!
Thank you very much. ^^
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