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SALE!! Please help and make an offer ^__^

Hello folks-me again! This time prices have been drastically lowered (..basically everything is make an offer unless otherwise stated..). Im not going to be picky..since this stuff is just taking up space in my room.

At the moment..I am in need of a quick 30 dollars..that is my goal for today so that I can get something I REALLY want..heck..if I get half that..I'm halfway there. ^__^ (it is actually going to end in auction soon I believe too ;_;)

I have 100% positive feedback on Ebay amd I ship items out very fast. Depending on when you buy, I can even send it out same day! :D

So please take a look *_____* things from Sailor Moon, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X2 and various other items are in need of a new home!!
Thank you!

***Paymemts accepted***
Right now..with my situation..I would REAAALLY like Paypal~! But it you can only pay another way, just let me know ^__^

Final Fantasy X2 Ultimania Guide-OVER 730 PAGES LONG! Beautiful art and imported from Japan~! Mint Condition!
(Make an offer)

Sailor Moon (Eternal) alarm clock! Super cute and rare. She's huge and takes AA batteries (which I will include 2 sets). Mint.
(make an offer)

Kingdom Hearts II Stand
(details and other items under the cut!!)

This is a BEAUTIFUL KHII stand featuring the art of KHII! It is HUGE (lookit the poor game case down there XD) and very hard to find!
Now-this item is make an offer-however I am, as of right now, running a PICK UP ONLY (unless you want to pay 50 dollars shipping according to UPS x_x;)-I live in Michigan and we can arrange a meet-up point or something like that-it's up to you~! But this is a MUST have for KHII fans!
(Make an offer-if you would LIKE it shipped..then that's ok..we'll just have to talk things through)

Envy trading arts figure and Faye Valentine gasha.
Mint-make an offer.

Negima Volume 1 (I have a double)-Mint condition! Such a cute series!
Chobits-Volume 1 (I have the bilingual version now)-MINT-adorable.
Oh My Goddess-Sympathy for the Devil-some MINOR shelf wear
Anime Heroine's Book-about 200 pages of full color anime heroines from the 70s to the 90s. Small tear on the back in jacket-bought it that way
Masks-just found them laying around..beautiful if anyone still collects them ^__^
(all make an offer..yes I will give a bulk discount)

HK Plushies~!! All mind and most still have tags (inquire) Both bunny and stripped shirt HK are sold!
(make an offer)

for more questions, pics, etc..please contact me! ^___^
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