Linh (toastednoodle) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Nana stuff~~

I've got two things. Both from the manga/anime/movie Nana.
Check them out

Pair of necklaces ~ $18
One has a lock, the other has a key :3 never opened~!

Handphone strap ~ $10
it's not in the package anymore, but it's never been used. I took it out of the plastic, and that plastic ended up getting wrecked in the process ;~;

minor details: shipping from Singapore, shipping for each costs $8 to USA/Canada via airmail, together it'll be $11. I accept paypal (non-cc and credit card) and cash at your own risk (paypal preferred)

I'll leave this post until tomorrow (unless there are questions) - 12AM on Monday Singapore time, which I think will be 10AM on Sunday in central time (...I have no clue x_X) so feel free to offer any higher prices (like an auction, I guess). Oh and I'm selling these two seperately.

Thanks for looking! ^^
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