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Selling quite a bit of manga (english!)

These are all in english! Condition are either very good or like new, unless noted.

Payments accepted: Paypal (non-cc), Paypal (credit card, add .50 to $1), Money Order, and concealed cash. (at own risk!)

Shipping: not included, but large orders can get discounts.
US shipping, media mail: $1.60 for 1-2 manga, $2 flat for anything larger
International shipping: ask! ^^;

Also, i won a $50 barnes and nobles gift certificate (for their online store). I don't really buy from B&N... would anyone give me $45 paypal for it? You can check its balance online without spending it, btw. Also for feedback (170+ ebay, and a handful of LJ), just check my journal.

Clamp manga
Chobits v1 $5
Clamp School Detectives v1-2 $5 each (Like new, includes bonus pullout posters)
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland (like new)  $5
RG Veda v1-3 $5 each
Tsubasa v1 (like new) $5
xxxholic v1 (like new) $5

Special Offer: Card Captor Sakura v1-6 Bilingual (japanese/english) Brand new, unread. $10 each, $60 (shipped in US) for all.


50 Rules for Teenagers v1 $3
Angel Sanctuary v1-4,6 ($20 for 1-4)
Aria v1 $5
Ceres Celestial Legend v1-4 (New) $4 each, sold as set
Cowboy Bebop Shooting Star v1-2 (new, shoujo version of cowboy bebop) $5 ea
Crescent Moon v1-3 (very good) $4 each, sold as set
Demon Diary v1 $5
Demon Ororon v2-3 $4 each
Dragon Knights v1 $4 (condition very good)
Dragon Knights v1-5 $25 shipped (US) (condition, mostly like new, a tad tanned)
Eerie Queerie v1 $5 (like new, though minor printing error on one of the advertisement pages in the back)
Fantasy Land 1 $3
From Eroica with Love v1 $5
Gadget v1 (not sure what genre this is, but it looks shoujoish) $4
Girl got game v1 $3
INVU v1-2 $4 each
Juvenille Orion (Aquarian Age) v1-3 (very good condition) $5 each
Kagerou Nostalgia v1 $5
Kare Kano v1 $4 each
Liling Po v1-2 $5.50 each
Musashi #9 vol 1 $5
Please Save my Earth v2 $4
Revolutionary Girl Utena v1 (larger white cover version. Crease on back cover) $3
Sweet and Sensitive v1-2 $5 each
Sweet Revolution (yaoi) $7 (new)
Tactics v1 $5
Tokyo Mew Mew v1-2, 5 $5 each
Tuxedo Gin v1 (cover has some wear) $3
X2 (New, aka Times Two) $4

Baby Birth v1-2 complete set! $3 each (despite title, this is a fantasy/action manga)
Brain Powered v1-2 (mecha manga but art by famous shoujo mangaka yukiru sugisaki (known for DNAngel) $3.50 ea
Cat Girl Nuku Nuku v1 $6 (list price: 15, more than 50 color pages! from the creator of 3x3 eyes)
Cheeky Angel v1-3 $5 each, 15 shipped for all.
Chronicles of the Cursed Sword v1-3 $5 ea
Dr. Slump v1-2 $3.00 ea (kids manga from akira toriyama (Dragonball)
Dragon Arms: blood and steel v1 $3 (OEL, action title)
Dragonball v1-4 $20 shipped for all, newer red cover version. Great condition.
Dragonball vol1,4-5 $4 each (white cover version)
Dragonball Z vol2,3 (worn covers) $3 each
Flame of Recca v1,3 $4 each
Full Metal Panic v1 $3 (kinda worn, fine to read though)
.hack//legend of the twilight v1-2 $4 ea (2 sets of these)
Inuyasha v2 $3 (larger format)Kindaichi Case Files v1-9 $45 shipped in US for all, like new.
Knights of the Zodiac v1,1,2,5,10 $4 ea.
Love Hina v1-2 (some minor wear) $4.50 each
Prince of Tennis v1-8, except 6 (New) $25 shipped in US for 5, $33 shipped for all
Ragnarok v1-2 (Based on ragnarok online) $3.50 ea
Ranma 1/2 (larger $16 edition) v3 $3.50
Sakura Taisen v1 (like new) $5
Steel Angel Kurimi v2,4,7,7 $3.50 ea
Those who Hunt Elves v2,2,3,6 $3 each
Trigun (original $15! 300 pgs each) Vol 1-2 $6.50 ea
Yu gi oh v1 (New) $3
Yu Yu Hakusho v2 $4

Apocolyse Meow v2+3, (series is 3 volumes long) $3 each or both for $5.
Appleseed v1 (very good cond.) $7 (list price $17! From Ghost in the Shell creator)
Bambi and her Pink Gun v1-2 (like new) $6 each note: list price $13 large sized manga. Dust jackets also in very good condition (warning! violence)
Battle Royale v1-6,8 $30 for 1-6, or take all 7 for $35 shipped.
Battle Royale v1 $4 (extra copy)
Eatman v1-2 $3.25 ea
Initial D v1 (100% version), 15, 18 $4 ea (i also have 1-3 see above)
Island v1-7 (very good condition) complete set! $40 shipped in US (horror manga, mature rating)
IWGP vol 1 (original $14) $5 (small scratch on dust jacket)
Project Arms v1-3 (very good) $3 each, sold as set
Remote v1 (back cover has a small crease) $3
The Ring v1 and Spiral (List price of $15! Very good condition, based on the horror movie Ringu) $5 each.
Twilight of the Dark Master v1 (New) $13 list- $6, large sized manga. Dust jacket in perfect condition. (warning: violence. horror manga)

Shounen titles: on sale!
Figure 17 v1-2 (new) $3 ea (sci-fi ish magical girl series)
Quantum Mistake v1 $3
Seven of Seven v1-3 complete set (New, unread) $3 each
Skyblade v1 $2.50
The Big O v1 (cover a bit scuffed) $3
The Boss v1 (New) $3

Anime Soundtracks for sale- make an offer for whatever they're worth ^^;. I'm thinking $8 shipped.
Official Geneon versions, new and sealed.

Best of Bastard OST
Daphne in the brilliant blue OST vol 1
Hanaukyo Maid Team La Verite OST
Love Hina: Hinata Girls Song Best 2
Lunar Legend Tsukihime: Moonlit Archives OST 1
Paranoia Agent OST
Steamboy OST

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