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None of these include shipping prices, but if you buy at least 5 manga, shipping is free.

Passion vol 1 $8
A sweet budding romance between a teacher and his student.

Skyscrapers of Oz $8
A gorgeously drawn and toned hardcore yaoi manga about detectives.

Rising Storm $9
An extremely explicit romance between a millionaire and his employee. Includes bonus short stories.

Girl Got Game (aka POWER!!!) vol 1-5 $22
A hilarious shoujo manga about a girl who crossdresses (and becomes very bishounen) to play basketball. Somewhat similar to Hanakimi in premise, but is much funnier IMHO.

Marmalade Boy vol 1-4 $18
A classic shoujo manga about a girl whose parents remarry. Lucky for her, her new parents along with their hottie son move in with her. Love triangles galore.

Confidential Confessions vol 2 $5
A oneshot story about sexual harrassment. Girls face the difficult decision between letting their tennis coach sexually harrass them or risk the team's success by confronting him.

Basara vol 7 $5
An epic adventure/romance/comedy/drama ETC . This series is amazing. I accidentally received two copies of this (instead of one copy of vol 6 and one copy of volume 7 ;__;).

Angel $5 (Erica Sakurazawa)
A whimsical oneshot story about how an angel touches various people's lives in subtle ways.

The Adolescence of Utena $6
The manga adaptation of the movie version of Revolutionary Girl Utena. Much darker and much more mature than the original series with the same themes.

Angelic Layer vol 1-3 $14
Popular group CLAMP's very popular first attempt at shounen manga.

If you buy 5 or more of any of the previous manga, get any of the following (unlimited) for $3 each, no extra shipping. Otherwise, $5 plus shipping.

Chobits 1 (slightly worn)
Kodocha 2 (RARE, OUT OF PRINT)
Video Girl Ai vol 1, 4 (original out of print big version)
Real About High School vol 1
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing vol 1

I do a little anime/manga styled art, and commissions are open. Leave a comment for more details if interested, deviantart account here.

Willing to trade/buy the following:
Four Shojo Stories - Keiko Nishi
Moon Child 1+
Basara 11, 12, 16+
Earthian 2+
Hanakimi vol 1-5
Fushigi Yugi 11-end
Nodame Cantabile merchandise
Loveless 1+
From Far Away 1+
Antique Bakery 2-4 (end)
Shout Out Loud 1+
Gerard and Jacques 1+
Wild Com
Ranma 1/2 28-30, 33+
Any new english language BL/yaoi I suppose
Antique Bakery doujinshi
FMA doujinshi (only circle Ninekoks or featuring pairing Havoc/Ed)
Eyeshield 21 doujinshi (only Shin/Sena pairing)
Harry Potter doujinshi (any language)
Basara doujinshi/or doujinshi by Yumi Tamura

Any recommended shoujo or thought provoking manga ? :P

Indou : I'm not looking for any HP doujinshi in particular, I'm just interested in seeing any HP doujinshi people have to offer just in case something piques my interest :)
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