triplejoker (triplejoker) wrote in garagesalejapan,


Jrock Blow Out~CD Albums, CD Singles, Tapes, Posters, Photo Book, Tour Bag, and More~

Once again I need to pay off some bills so this stuff needs to go. Just trying to feel around and see if any one wants these items. Pictures can be taken of anything you wish.. just ask!. Feel free to speak with me about pricing. All items in good condition. I take paypal (if with credit card you must pay the charge), money order, or concealed cash at your won risk. If you would like shipping insurance or a tracking code we can work it out into your order. Please take a look!
( Shanza, Cali≠Gari, Kra, Shelly Trip Realize, Lariene, Plastic Tree, Kisaki Project, 12012, SID, Phantasmagoria and more.. Minimoni,huh? XD )

Lowered Prices!!!
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