triplejoker (triplejoker) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Hello Kitty Pencil Case + Scarf , Chinese Drama, Panda Plush, Sanrio+++

Please check out these items! I prefer non-CC Paypal. I will take ccpaypal, postal money orders, or concealed cash. Willing to combine items and get tracking/insurance if you desire. Prices are for shipping within the USA. It may be more expensive to outside countries.

Image Hosted by
Chinese Drama 5 dollars shipped
Expect a Miracle
ID Dudedettes
Fight For Love
The Wskey's Mysterious Files

Image Hosted by
TY Plush Panda 10 Shipped

Image Hosted by
Sanrio Penguin Purse 7 shipped SOLD
Has a few pin holes and could use a light scrubbing

Image Hosted by
Pink Sanrio Scarf (only) Blue pencil case 8 Shipped
Could use a light scrubbing~

Image Hosted by

Angel's Wig Comics 1-4 and CD preivew all SIGNED
15 shipped

Image Hosted by
Just enough Japanese Book
Got it at Disney World... really handy for quick phrases! 4 shipped

Image Hosted by
Parakiss 5 in Japanese 7 Shipped

Image Hosted by
Cute Japanese Children's book 3 shipped

Image Hosted by
parapara max CD 7 shipped
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