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Manga/art books +plea for "Eroica" !!

Everything comes from non-smoking, no pet, home in Colorado. Though I stupidly didn't see the benefit of collecting feedback from my previous transactions here before, I have done them and have had no complaints. I know you're just going on heresay now, but I assure you, I am legit :) If you'd like, you can look at the ebay feedback of "mypacrat." I am his daughter.
Concealed cash is preferred as it is the easiest. However, paypal can be arranged. I also take USD money orders.

English Manga:
The majority  of my manga goes for the standard price here for $5 shipped each. Most are in perfect condition except for my name being sharpied-out in the inside cover.

-Inuyasha -vol 1,2,4, 14-21
-Zodiac P.I. -vol 1-3
-Lum Perfect Collection * This is huge, hence the price-up, due to shipping costs. Really worth a lot more than $8, but I can't merit charging more because of the binding. I ordered this years ago, brand-new from Amazon, but the day I got it and opened it up to read, the binding completely died. Many pages are loose/out. But they are all there!
-Marmalade Boy -vol 8. $4
The binding on this cracked after reading it just once as well. I have glued it together well, but it's not perfect.
-Angelic Layer -vol 1,4,5
-The World of Narue -vol1&2
-Boys over Flowers –vol 1
-Cardcaptor Sakura –vol1
-Kagerou-Nostalagia –vol1
Japanese Manga:
-HunterXHunter vol 15
-Magical Girl Pretty Sammy ((I think)) -Vol 1-2

Artbooks (prices negotiable, does NOT include shipping, unlike manga):
-Art of Ranma 1/2 (excellent condition) $12
-Art of Inuyasha (This is the old version, great condition) $10

Pictures of anything and everything can be provided upon request! ^^

I also accept trades, but regretably not from overseas (though I will sell there for an increase in shipping) because I cannot afford shipping costs to overseas. I suppose if you have something I want bad enough, I can arrange that though.
I will trade for the following English manga:
From Eroica with Love (I want these really really bad!!! I will even buy them from you if you don't want any of my manga)
Devil Does Exist -vol 5
Cantarella -vol 2+

(if there are any manga, in any language, set in the 1700's, I would also possibly be interested in those.)

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