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03 August 2006 @ 12:05 am
Naruto, FFVII, and Full Metal Alchemist DJs  
Hey everyone. I've got some Naruto and FMA Doujinshi's to sell. They're going for $10 a piece with shipping at $4 for 2-3 day shipping. Another $1.00 for registered. Most of them are soft yaoi, nothing too explisive.

(sorry for the large images; i am not so computer-savvy when it comes to this ~_~)

They are:

Naruto - Waltz(me thinks) KakashixSasuke

Naruto - (unsure of title) KakashixSasuke

Final Fantasy VII - Jenova Project Disk 2 SephirothxCLoud

FMA - Under the Sun - Mostly funny, nothing too serious

FMA - Angel Fish no something

I also have Chinese imported Rurouni Kenshin DVDs episodes 1-95. Its wonderfully done, just that the subtitles sometimes disappears and disk 5 freezes. Other than that, I believe it works fine. I paid $60 for it so make an offer and I'll prolly go for half or maybe a little less.
Inside(18 disks)


Any questions don't hesitate to ask me ^_^
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