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03 August 2006 @ 03:46 am
selling Dir en grey PIT concert tickets!  
Dir en grey will be performing with Korn and Flyleaf on Tuesday, August 8th, at Corpus Christi, Texas. Usually the tickets are around $60, but I am selling them for only $40 because I really want to get rid of them. E-mail me (aku.hime@gmail.com) or comment if you're interested! Again, this ticket is at the very front, since it's a pit ticket.
lolilostinblisslolilostinbliss on August 3rd, 2006 08:52 am (UTC)
I'm so interested but that's such a long drive and short notice =/ If you don't mind me asking did you get the tickets from ticketmaster?
Lady Lu: Kyo!loveandjoy on August 3rd, 2006 08:55 am (UTC)
Yes, I got them directly from ticketmaster (I could even take a digital picture of it, if you want). Ticketmaster is currently selling them for about $52, with the convenience charges and all. I had originally planned to go to that one, but it worked out wayyy better in my favor to go to the San Antonio one, so that's why I'm selling mine. :)
Lady Lu: Kyo!loveandjoy on August 3rd, 2006 08:56 am (UTC)
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that these tickets are the ones at the very front, up close and personal! :D
lolilostinblisslolilostinbliss on August 3rd, 2006 09:07 am (UTC)
wow that's awesome. i just checked on ticket master and the only ones left are in new york =/ ah but it's such short notice! it would be a nice bday gift for my sis cuz she's an old dir en grey fan but gah it's tuesday -_-;;... how many tickets do you have to sell?
Lady Lu: Kyo!loveandjoy on August 3rd, 2006 09:16 am (UTC)
I only have that one, since I'd bought it for myself. :\ I could probably buy more somehow, if you'd needed more, but really, I only have that one to get rid of. :)
Lady Luloveandjoy on August 7th, 2006 08:43 pm (UTC)
Hey, are you still interested in the Dir en grey tickets?