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sailor moon items for sale!


been cleaning out my room and i came up gasping for air with these in hand.
lots of fun sailor moon stuff. make offers because i'll sell or trade.

1 - large size sailor jupiter PENDING SALE.
2 - large size tuxedo mask.
3 - sailor mars.
4 - sailor mars.
5 - sailor venus.
6 - sailor venus.
7 - sailor moon.
8 - sailor pluto.
9 - MIB irwin sailor mercury.
10 - sailor moon pencil case.
11 - sailor moon mini.
12 - serena/usagi mini.
13 - sailor venus mini.
14 - moon jewel box.
15 - sailor mars mini bean bag.

make offers. i'm not picky. if you want to trade show me your lists. i looove my little pony, strawberry shortcake, littlest pet shop, and moondreamers so if you have old 80s/90s toys i'd probably trade.

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