sklamalam (sklamalam) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Hey hey.

I'm selling this ADORRRRABLE electronic Pikachu. It's been sitting in my house for a long time now, it's soooo freakin' cute but I figured since I don't get much use from it I would give it a new home. When you squeeze either of his hands he talks, moves his ears and mouth and his little cheeks light up. Surprisingly the batteries still work! I even forgot they were in there. He's in perfect condition and comes with original box.

I can take money order or PayPal or concealed $$$ but AYOR!

Though if you pay with PayPal shipping may take a few days since I'm kinda broke so I won't be able to ship it until I get paid & my printer is out of ink so therefore I cannot print on of the PayPal postage thingies. Rather with a money order I can ship it right after I recieve your payment.

Feedback is on my LJ.

I'm asking $15 + s&h. I can't give a total tho until I get your ZIP so I can get a s&h price.

If you can see, his cheeks are lit, just to show that it does work and such.
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