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Gothic Lolita brand clothes for sale!

Brand name Gothic/Punk/Lolita/Gyaru gear for SALE!
I have
Liz Lisa

Brand: MAM
Condition: tried on once.
Size: 21" in length/sleeve length 21" and 7" puff sleeves with them detached. Size is a Free size, but is best fit for a Medium.
Material: 100% stretchy cotton
Asking Price: $50
Description: An adorable black with white lace trim cutsew by MAM. the sleeves are detachable making it ideal for both winter and summer seasons. Very comfortable stretchy cotton for a casual lolita look.

Brand: H.naoto: H.anarchy
Condition: Never worn
Size: 24" in length/ 23" sleeve length and 8" with the sleeves detached. Chest measurement is up to 40"
Material: 100% cotton
Asking Price: $60
Description: This is a unisex blouse with sleeves that are detachable by a zipper. Has red spider web print on it and looks very cool with a tie.

Brand: Putumayo
Condition: Never worn
Size: 21" in length, Free size, but beszt fit for a Medium
Material: 100% cotton
Asking Price: $25
Description: a very cute Putumayo tanktop, the front has a felt like print of the logo and 2 skeletons. Keyhole style tank with an off-white felt like ribbon.

Brand: Tralala de Liz Lisa
Condition: New with tags
Size: 15" in length from collar down/ 4" sleeves best fit for a Medium
Material: 97% polyester 3% polyutherane
Asking Price: $25
Description: very adorable babydoll like top by tralala de liz lisa, is a soft white knit like material with baby pink lace trim and a removable ribbon pin with rhinestones. Comes with tags, original price 5,775yen

Everything comes from a smoke free environment. Shipping cost will be 3.50 in the US, outside of the US, please contact me so I can calculate shipping costs

I accept cash/checks/money order and paypal (no credit card payments please, I have a dinky free account)

NOTICE: I will be selling a LOT of my gothic brand name clothing this week, if you are interested in the following brands then you can ask me about it and I will send you photos and give you the information (basically, you can call dibs on things before I can place them up and haggle me for the price)

H.naoto (t.shirt with skull design)
Superlovers (fur lined hoodie with skull print on back + logo)
Black Peace Now (bat wing collar blouse *short sleeved*)
MAM (skirt with leather suspender straps and gauze)
Deorart (cat ears hat with chain)
Liz Lisa (off white skirt + off white baby doll top with lace)
Double Decker (black/white spiderweb boots)
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