Giordana (pinkspider_x) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Update of Jrock mags for sale!

J-rock magazines for sale!
1 Fools Mate, 2 Shoxx, 1 Gothic Lolita (Vol. 5)

Fools Mate #225 July 2000

Main feature is Sads. Also includes Pierrot, Glay, Dir en Grey, and Malice Mizer. This is my favourite magazine -- the photography of Sads is gorgeous.


Shoxx Vol.123 2003:

Main feature is Takeo from Pierrot. Also includes Fanatic Crisis, Psycho le Cemu, Laputa, wyse, and Stray Pig Vanguard.


Shoxx Vol.125 2003:

Main feature is Kirito & Kohta from Pierrot. Also includes J, Psycho le Cemu, Sex Machineguns, Plastic Tree, and wyse.


Gothic Lolita Vol. 5:

This issue includes Miyavi, Aya and Mana.


Keep in mind none of these include posters/pinups/patterns. All of them are, though, in great condition, and not at all damaged.

Inquire for prices.
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