kersuru (kersuru) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Everything MUST GO!!!

All items gotta go! I am willing to negotiate on any item. All items are listed in US Funds. Check 'em out~!

Hot Gimmick #1, Chibi Vampire #1, FullMetal Alchemist #1 $5each
All in great condition, HG is in used condition.

Tsubasa Chronicles Lot $25
#1-6 in great condition, only read once.

Name Your Price

FullMetal Alchemist
Cowboy Bebop

Mammoette Shugogetten
Slayers (transparent)
InuYasha (transparent)

Yu Yu Hakusho

Love Hina & Very Pretty Sister Lot $2

18mm Soom Silicone Eyes in Jade $20
Never Used

Luts White Trigonal Boots for Boys $50
Never Used

Haute Doll New In Package - June 2006

Bleach Trading Figure of Ichimaru Gin $7
By Bandai. Already have him, don't need another. MIP

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne KeyChain $5
Rare and never played with.

Noir Phone Strap Lot $5
Missing one strap and one gun. Other pieces never played with.

Chobits 21 Card Lot $10
1 Trading Collection Series by Amada
20 Trading Card Series

CardCaptor Sakura $10
30 P.P Card Part 5 - great condition

CardCaptor Sakura Card/Sticker Lot of 33 $10
7 CCS 2nd Movie Trading Cards
5 Upper Deck [English]
21 Cards & Stickers by Cardass Masters

Sailor Moon 98 Card/Sticker Lot $25 or best offer
All S and SuperS series from 1995. All in good condition

Dragon BallZ 224 Card Lot $35 or best offer
7 Combat Cards/Panini in Spanish
2 SuperHero Card Part 4
18 '94/'95 Total/Bandai Cards
4 Caracter Collection
42 Super Barcode Wars
37 DBZ P.P Card Par20
20 Part 22
20 Part 23
41 Part 25
7 Clear Cards
11 Misc Stickers
35 DragonBall and DragonBallZ '92 Bandai

Kikyo of InuYasha UFO Plush $25
Rare, great condition.

Rabi En Rose Iron On Patch $2

SailorMoon DiC Lot $2
Bag and Folder both are a little rough.

Macross Lynn Minmay Postcard $1

I accept PayPal and International Money Orders (Pink ones)
I do NOT charge additional Paypal fees.
As soon as the payment arrives I ship out your item(s.)

Shipping will be exact postage, no hidden handeling fee!
Awesome or what?

eBay: crescent_wish [Over 250 100% Positive Feedback]

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