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All CDs are official, licensed releases. All except Utada Hikaru's traveling single are the official Japanese releases. Hikki's traveling single is the official, licensed Taiwanese release.


Arashi - Wish single [theme song for Hana Yori Dango drama series]

Arashi - Tomadoinagara single [initial pressing only limited edition] ON HOLD


Chemistry - Pieces of a Dream single
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Chemistry - You Go Your Way single
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Chemistry - YOUR NAME NEVER GONE/Now Or Never/You Got Me single

~*Core of Soul*~

Core of Soul - ageha single
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

~*Fukuyama Masaharu*~

Fukuyama Masaharu - Calling album

Fukuyama Masaharu - HELLO single

Fukuyama Masaharu - HEY! single [theme song for a TV Asahi Network show about the Sydney Olympics]

Fukuyama Masaharu - Naitari Shinaide / Red x Blue single [first press, extra booklet, main theme for NHK's drama series "Wakaba"] ~Note: The first press booklet is supposed to be stained with yellow splotches on the front

~*KinKi Kids*~

KinKi Kids - Velvet no Yami single [limited edition]

KinKi Kids - Anniversary single [limited edition]


L'arc~en~ciel - Ray album

L'arc~en~ciel - Love Flies single

L'arc~en~ciel - NEO UNIVERSE/finale single

L'arc~en~ciel - Shinshoku Lose Control single

This page lists the drama/tv/commercial uses for her singles. There are too many to list. ^^;;

Shela - Colorless album
Free Image Hosting at

Shela - Himawari single [ED theme/song for Hikaru no Go anime]

Shela - Orange single

Shela - Purple single

Shela - Red single [ED theme song for Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ, theme song for Kimi ga oshiete kureta koto drama series, song for K-1 JAPAN K-1 BURNING 2000]

Shela - Rose single


Sowelu - I Will single [first press, bonus FMA trading card]

~*Utada Hikaru*~

Utada Hikaru - For You/Time Limit single [out of print]

Utada Hikaru - Addicted To You single [out of print]

Utada Hikaru - Automatic/Time Will Tell single

Utada Hikaru - traveling single [note: this is the official, licensed, Taiwanese release]


V6 - Sunshine Place single
Free Image Hosting at

V6 - Dasenai Tegami/Kaze wo Ukete - Keep U goin' single [theme song and another song from Neverland drama series

V6 - Change the World single [1st OP theme for Inuyasha anime, out of print? sources I checked disagree]

V6 - Orange single ON HOLD

V6 - Kiseki no Hajimari [first press, includes bonus stickers]

V6 - A Jack in the Box album [out of print? sources I checked disagree]



After 5 wa Kiss no Ame volumes volumes 1-6 by Kamo Nabako

Anata ni Aitai by Tsuda Mamoru

Ayashi no Ceres volumes 01-10 by Watase Yuu


Boku no Trouble Days {My Trouble Days} by Yuuya Kyou

Boy's Life by Koujima Naduki

Brother Complex by Koujima Naduki


Demon Diary volumes 1-7 by Lee Chi Hyong

Doberman Kinshirei! by Yuutenji Ako

Dotou no Saikyou Senshi Suima-kun volumes 1-4 by Katsumi Nakagawa

Double Call volumes 1-7, 9 by Hiiro Reiichi


Earthian volumes 1-5 by Kouga Yun

E's (Otherwise) volumes 1-4 by Yuiga Satoru


Flash Mode by Shima Asahi

Futaba Kyousoukyoku


Ghost! (Eerie Queerie) volumes 1-2 by Shiozu Shuri

Gohoubi wa Sensei? Mashiba Kayo

Gravitation volumes 5, 12 by Murakami Maki


Haru wo Daiteita volume 3 by Nitta Youka

Hitokui no Taki (Rinshou Hanzai Gakusha Himura Hideo no Field Note 1) by Mamahara Erii and Arisugawa Arisu


JX's by Kisaragi Hirotaka


Kawaii Hito volume 2 Konno Keiko

Kimi ga Nokoshita Kimochi by Misasagi Fuuri

Kimi wa Pochi da! by Kirishima Tamaki

Kimi wa Pochi da! ~Daigakuseihen~ by Kirishima Tamaki

Koicha no Osahou volume 01 by Sakuragi Yaya

Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki volumes 1-2, 10 by Kodaka Kazuma

Kuusou Kisou Shiki Teien by Hirohashi Masami


La Partita Toyama Mako

Love Hustler volume 01 by Hiiro Reiichi


Mamotte Agemasu! by Yamato Nase ON HOLD

Muteki no Kodomotachi volumes 1-4 by Hitomi Kurusu


Na mo Naki Tori no Tobu Yoake (Innocent Bird) volumes 1-2 by Kisaragi Hirotaka ON HOLD

Nipponia Nippon volumes 1-2 by Fukiyama Riko ON HOLD


Oujisama Lvl 1 by Kuwabara Yuuko ON HOLD

Oyaji Kairou e Youkoso by Misasagi Fuhri


Paraphrase by Takakura Row/Rou

Pride by Ishida Ikue

Punch drunk babies volumes 1-3 by Hiiro Reiichi


Renai Code (Shounen Shoufu/Love Code) {Sweet Slave Scandal!} by Hanafubuki Sakurako


Saiyuki volumes 2-7 by Minekura Kazuya

Seikimatsu Prime Minister volumes 1-2, 4 by Eiki Eiki

Shiikugakari Rika volumes 1-2 by Motoni Modoru

Shugorei ni Sasageru Ballad by Kasumi Ryouwa

Skip Kiss volume 2 by Yamato Nase

Sweet Dandy Kurisu Hitomi


Tatakau! Sebastian by Ikeda Kan

Tonari no Chikan Densha Kitasato Ami


Umi ni Nita Sora no Iro volumes 1-3 by Takamure Tamotsu

Umi no Mieru Yane by Kano Ayumi ON HOLD


Yamada Taro Monogatari volumes 6, 8-14 by Morinaga Ai and Tsukamoto Yumiko

Vanilla volume 1 by Yamakami Riyu ON HOLD


When a Man Loves a Man series III--Night Cap by Nitta Youka


Yume Miru Muse by Hirohashi Masami


Zettai Unmei Houteishiki by Fuwa Shinri


Comic Hanaoto: For New Age [December 2004]

Generous Kiss [01] ISBN4-7567-1214-2

Laqia [13] ISBN4-89486-055-4

HanaMaru [March/April 2004]

HanaMaru [December 2005/Janaruy 2006]

Rutile [01] ISBN4-7897-8121-6

Rutile [10] ISBN4-8797-8383-9

Rutile (Scholar LC 220 Rutile Series) [01] ISBN4-7962-8820-1

Rutile (Scholar LC 236 Rutile Series) [02] ISBN4-7962-8836-8

Rutile (Scholar LC 272 Rutile Series) [04] ISBN4-7962-8872-4

Rutile (Scholar LC 289 Rutile Series) [05] ISBN4-7962-8889-9

Rutile (Scholar LC 319 Rutile Series) [07] ISBN4-7962-8919-4

~*BL (yaoi) manga in Chinese*~
I'm not really sure what they are. I bought these from a seller on eBay a few months back. The condition was advertised as new for all of them and they were supposed to be by Chi-Ran.

I think they're probably Chinese translated anthologies/magazines. That is, translated versions of anthologies like BeBoy Gold and Asuka Ciel. I've taken pictures of the back covers, as well, which list artists.

Four unknown shoujo titles in Chinese:
My mom brought these back from Taiwan. ^^;;

The "wrinkles" mostly on the top right part of the pictures and the strange, white/shiny spots on the manga are due to the glare/shadow from the vertical blinds in my room. I stupidly took most of these pictures right beneath the blinds, so you'll probably see blurred reflections of either me and my digicam, or the blinds on the manga.

I'd already taken several hundred photos (and recharged my digicam twice) by the time I noticed my mistake and I didn't want to start all over. ^^;;

If needed, I'll scan the covers to prove that there aren't any wrinkles. Please feel free to ask any questions about the condition of the items.

Cute Asian items
NOTE: All items are new and unused! =)

Dolphins [just gently nudge them and they'll tap their noses against the blue balls]

Cute coin bank ~~I have three of these available for sale

Cute animal sponge/wash cloth thing

Please feel free to inquire about items that are on hold. It seems that a few buyers have disappeared before paying, so those items might become available again. I also have a few other special items (an official, new and sealed Matantei Loki Ragnarok poster book) up for sale in my actual selling journal, ysale.

Now accepting PayPal, U.S. Postal Money Orders, and concealed cash by registered mail (only for international buyers), and gift certificates (only for international buyers)! :D
Thanks to the help of some previous buyers, I've finally figured out how to accept PayPal payments. Yay! ^^

Also, please check out the rules/FAQs on ysale for more information regarding payment and shipping.

Thanks for your interest! =)

These items will be up for sale for only one more week! I want all transactions finished by the time the Fall semester starts.
I'm willing to hold items for buyers. However, please be reasonable about it. Don't ask me to hold something for two weeks and then disappear or change your mind.
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