Big Pimpin' (reppu) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Big Pimpin'

For Sale (part deux)

I'm moving to Japan in September, and I can't take this stuff with me, so I'm just trying to get rid of it. TONS of things for sale, including shounen manga, pencilboards, yaoi manga, yaoi doujinshi, and anime DVDS. If I don't sell it, then I have to throw it away, since there will be no where to put it in my apartment.

If you purchased from me previously and your money was sent, then your items have been mailed (including international orders). Thanks for your purchase!


Hayao Miyazaki's Porco Rosso [SOLD]

English Manga

Lagoon Engine Complete Set

Peacemaker Kurogane and Gate


Saiyuki Pencilboards

Yu Yu Hakusho and Fruits Basket Pencilboards

English Yaoi Manga

Golden Cain by Asagiri You and Earthian by Yun Kouga

Almost Crying by Mako Takahashi and Lost Boys by Kaname Itsuki

Japanese Yaoi Manga

Gerard et Jacques by Yoshinaga Fumi [complete two-volume books in one!][SOLD]

Araiso Private High School by Kazuya Minekura

Beboy Luv 19 yaoi anthology

Yaoi Doujinshi

Wake Up Your Mind's Jesus doujinshi by Blue Crest [Momoshiro x Ryoma]

No set prices on anything, I just REALLY need to get rid of it. Nearly all offers excepted. I'm not particularly interested in trading, since I'm selling more for space than for money (though moving to Japan, I'll need it ^^). The only thing I'm looking for is Gackt Diabolos.

Sale goes to the highest offer. More pictures and scans upon request. Shipping is $2 per small item, $3.50 for larger items; combined shipping is available. Preferred payment is paypal, but I can accpet nearly any type of payment. For questions or offers, please post here or e-mail me at Thanks for looking!

Crossposted everywhere; sorry if you have to see this more than once!

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