Naomi (roleplaywulf) wrote in garagesalejapan,

For Sale! Manga, DVDs and More!

I have a number of Anime Merchandise I want to sell. It ranges from Manga, DVDS, Cards, Plush Toys, and more.

(I am so sorry that the photos are such a bad quality. I toke the photos with a DVD Cam.)

Must pay small shipping fee

One Piece Manga:
+Volumes 1-8 $5 Each or $30 for all

Trigun Manga:
+Trigun Maxium volume 1 $5
+Original Trigun 1 and 2 $5 Each

Zatch Bell! Merchandise:
+1-3 of the Manga $5 Each
+Black and Red Spell Book with Cards $3 each
+Zatch Bell volume 1 DVD $10

InuYasha Merchandise:
+9" Kirara Plush w/tag $10.($20 Value)
+Volumes 1,2 and 16 of the manga $5 Each

Other Manga:
+Naruto Volume 1 Limited Edition Box W/Calender $5.
+Baron: The Cat Returns $5.
+Wolf's Rain volume 1 $5.

How to Draw Anime Book:
+A book from How to Draw Manga, this is the first Edition of How to Draw Anime. Great Condition and it cost $10.($20 Value)

DVDS and Box Set:
+Invader ZIM DVD Volumes 2-3 $10 each,
+Wolf's Rain Limited Edition Boxset. This includes Volume 1 of the DVD, the Soundtrack, and a cute Kiba Plush Toy.This will sell for $20-25($50 Value).

Thanks for looking! I accept Money Order or Check! If you are interested Post or email me at Thanks again!
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