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Yes, because I'm an idiot and I like to buy crap. It's called, I like expensive dolls so I need money. Like $700, and ASAP. (Because I want to spend as little of my paycheck as possible, since I have to pay for important things like school and books pretty soon too.) Paypal is AWESOME, by the way.
Whatever I don't have pictures of up right now, more are definitely available upon request.
Added lots of clothes, and lowered prices on manga

I am a copy paste freak. So if you're tired of seeing the same thing over and over... try going /b/ at 4chan. It won't seem so bad anymore.

So, here I present my meager accumulation of anime/jrock/clothes stuffs that if I were to be so honored by you buying, I would love you forever.

We'll start with.... Manga!
Right now, all of my manga is up on half.com Go check it out here.
I have CLAMP stuff, Inu-Yasha, Ranma 1/2, and more up now. Basically, if it was a book, it's up over there. If for some strange reason you can't buy it from me through half.com, I'd be more than happy to sell it to your directly. I just figure with it being on half.com it would get a bit more exposure than only advertising it on livejournal. I lowered the prices too.

Monthly Serials: $0.50 each or 3 for $1
(You know, the things that look like regular comic books) Most of them are in plastic, a few are not. Most were originally $2.95 or more (part 1, part 2, part 3)
3x3 eyes #2
Call Me Princess #3
Digimon #1-4
Dragonball #9
Gundam Wing #11
Inu-Yasha #7, #8 (picture)
Maison Ikkoku #6
Maison Ikkoku part 3 #4, #5
Maison Ikkoku part 4 #7
Mobile Police Patlabor #2
Nadesico #18, #23, #25
No Need For Tenchi Part 11 #2
Riot Act 2 #3
Saint Tail #17
Slayers Special #2

Manga Vizion Vol. 3, No. 3 and No. 10 (Yes, Viz actually put out a monthly manga anthology before they did Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat.)

Japanese Shounen Jump from like... January 28th, 1999
It has One Piece, Bastard!!, I"s, HunterxHunter, Yugi-Oh, Shaman King
It just happens to be a Bastard!! chapter with a hentai scene. (picture)

Anime stuffs:

Fushigi Yuugi Miaka Plushie - $5
With tags and everything

Chobits Atashi? Plushie - $5
Not exactly sure what the characters name is, but it's the character from the story books Chii reads. Tag is a little bent. (picture)

Cardcaptors Sakura School Uniform Doll - $7
No box. The only thing that's not in the most awesomeest condition is her wand, which seems to have gotten some dark blue stuff on it. (picture)

Sailormoon Collectible Card Game Cards. $0.25 each or 5 for $1 (part 1, part 2)
Premiere edition: 12 (Bumboo), 14 (Techniclon), 16 (Fro/Blizzard) (2), 20 (Mud Minion Horde) (2), 24 (Vulturos) (2), 25 (Amphibia), 26 (Mophead), 29 (Frosty/Hypnotica) (2), 37 (Molly Osaka), 39 (Grandpa Hino), 40 (Chad Kumada), 42 (Lunch!), 43 (Costume), 46 (Love Letter), 49 (Damage Transfer) (2), 52 (Split Attack), 53 (Baby-sitting), 55 (Taunt), 56 (Rats!), 58 (Run Away!), 67 (Jumo), 74 (Skulker) (2), 88 (Negaverse Crystal), 100 (Regeneration), 102 (Hidden), 105 (Negative Energy Shield), 115 (Sailor Mercury level 2)
Second Release: 15 (Bakene), 23 (Racy) (2), 36 (Luna), 56 (Rats!), 75 (Insectia), 88 (Negaverse Crystal), 89 (Cardian Flute), 112 (Moonlight Knight), 117 (Sailor Jupiter Level 2), 139 (Evil Prince Darien)
Past/Future: 16 (Fond Memories) (2), 24 (Hall of Clocks), 35 (While the Cat's Away...), 52 (Dark Crystal)

Sailormoon Archival Trading Cards by Dart - $0.25 each or 5 for $1 (picture)
List: 7 (Amy), 8 (Sailor Scouts Say), 12 (Sailor Jupiter), 20 (Mysterious Ally), 21 (Raye's Song), 26 (Deadly Thorns), 33 (Great Goggles) (2), 35 (Luna & Artemis) (2), 36 (Moonlight Knight), 37 (Rubbeus), 40 (Sailor Scouts Say), 42 (Sweet Delights), 45 (Sailor Scouts Say), 49 (Sailor Scouts Say), 51 (Sailor Scouts Say), 60 (Sailor Link), 66 (Great Ball of Fire), 67 (Sailor Uranus in Early Form Biography), 70 (Sailor Scouts Say) (2), 72 (Checklist)

Sailormoon Trading Cards Series III by Dart - $0.25 each or 5 for $1 (picture)
List: 9 (Failed Sailor V Kick), 13 (Venus Love Chain Encircle!), 31 (The Star Crystal), 33 (Confrontation)

Japanese Sailormoon Trading Stickers - $0.25 each or 5 for $1 (picture)
List: Special with Sailor Venus, 8 (Usagi no ikari), 21 (kareinaru henshin), 47 (Sailor Jupiter), 63 (naru-chan no hohoemi), 88 (watashitachi wo yoroshiku!)

Sailormoon Trading Stickers - $0.25 each or 5 for $1 (picture)
List: 22 (Sailor Mars), 30 (Group), 36 (Luna), 40 (Ann) (2), 54 (Sailor Venus), 60 (Battle), 65 (Group) (2), 71 (Makoto), S11 (Tuxedo Mask and Sailormoon)

I have some random Lord of the Rings movie cards and a Char Mobile Suit Gundam card that can all be yours for $0.50 (Lord of the Rings! - Gundam)

Newtype Magazines: $3
June, July, August 2003 with dvds. Only June still has it's poster. I couldn't tell you where the other two went. (picture)

Moving on to jrock....
On half.com, I have the US release of Dir en grey - Withering to death. (here)

Dir en grey poster $10 (picture)
The bottom left hand corner is missing.

Cocco - Rapunzel $10
I'm pretty sure it's the Hong Kong release. It has Japanese lyrics, romaji lyrics, chinese lyrics, and english lyrics. (picture)

I have some unfortunately not very interesting looking flyers... Nightmare, Scar, Palette, Cannival Method. Hopefully I'll have a few more to sell soon. $1 each if you're interested, or $3 for all 4.

Gothic Lolita clothing...

Headdresses: I've made a new one. This particular one pictured is already claimed, but I can make one in either pink x white, white x white, or black x white on request. Currently I only have enough materials to make one pink x white one, but if there's enough interest, I'd be more than happy to get my butt out to the store and buy more. If I do, I could probably do a blue x white one. (I just haven't been able to find a decent baby blue yet.)
Price - $10 (picture)

Tan/Brown Heels US Size 10
I bought these to go with an outfit and never wore them. They're a tad too big to be on me to be comfortable. (I should have gone with the 9.5)
Price - $15 (picture)

Black Knee-high Boots US Size 11
I got these from my cousin, they look like they've never been worn. Would be great for cosplay. (picture)

Salmon colored pearl necklace $1 (picture)

Hello Kitty Necklace $1 (picture)

Note: Most of this stuff is worn, but is all in good condition. Some of it does happen to be years old, and I apologize if it smells like it's been stored for a while.

Yellow Sweater Size: M - $5 (picture)
I cut the tags out... but I think it's a medium.

Blue sleeveless zip up shirt Size: M - $3 (picture)

Black Chinese Style Top Size: M - $3 (picture)

Ivory crocheted shrug Size: M - $10 picture)
Only worn once or twice.

Black raschel lace shrug Size: M - $10 picture)
New with tags. Never worn.

V-neck shirts Size: L - $1 (red, pink)

Eggplant velour top Size: L - $5 (picture)

Round neck shirts Size: M - $1 (Teal, Tan)

Leopard and Rose print shirt Size: L - $3 (picture)
It has some sequins on some of the roses too, it just didn't show up very well in the photo.

Blue velvety shirt Size: L - $3 (picture)
The trim around the bottom has pulled away a bit at the edges. One size it pulled away all the way, and the other is barely starting.

We Can't All Be Morning People Tee Size: M - $3 (picture)
Not 100% on the size.. the tag has gone missing.

Tan shirt with embroidered flowers Size: M - $3 (picture)

Black shortsleeve blouse Size: M - $3 (picture)
I had to sew one of the buttons back on, and I think part of the hem is coming undone.

Anime style fairy tee Size: L - $3 (picture)
The tee is a bit faded and the sleeves are coming apart at the seam, but the image is in excellent shape.

White Jacket with black pinstripes Size: L - $5 (picture)
Never Worn.

Long Purple Knit Jacket Size: L - $5 (picture)
There's a hole in one of the armpits.

Disney Thumper Snow Bunny Hoodie Size: L - $5 (picture)

Black Charlotte Reusse Corset Size: L - $15 (picture)
Only worn once indoors for 20 minutes tops.

White Camisole with Lace trim Size: L - $3 (picture)

Ivory Victorian-eqsue sheer blouse with cami Size: 4 - $10 picture)
New without tags.

Turquoise plaid skort Size: 7 - $3 (picture)

Pink/Tan plaid skort Size: 11 - $3 (picture)

White skirt with gold embroidery Size: 7 - $10 (picture)
New, without tags. Never worn.

Brown faux suede mini skirt Size: 9 - $3 (picture)

Blue plaid mini skirt Size: 11 - $3 (picture)
It had little belt loops for a little belt thing, but they've been falling off. There's also a small hole in the seam underneath the zipper.

Black mini skirt Size: 11 - $2 (picture)
The hem came out.

Long black skirt Size: 7 - $3 (picture)
some pilling.

Black pant with silver pinstripe Size: 7 - $5 (picture)
Never worn.

Blue/Teal Plaid pants Size: 11 - $3 (picture)
Some pilling.

Crafty Stuff:

Black Venice Lace $1/yd (picture) (details)

Blue Flower pins $0.25 each (details)
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