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Stuffs to sell!

All items come from a smoke free home. There are no set prices, but please be reasonable. I do accept paypal.

  • Sakura (?) from Sakura Wars - I believe that's the name of the character. ^^; Comes with stand. (IN NEGOTIATION)
  • Relena from Gundam Wing - OMG A RELENA FIGURE. XD I can't seem to find a pic of her for you. She really must be hated. Anyway - this is Relena in her white outfit from the ending sequence of G-Wing. She sits on a tree stump. The end. =3 (IN NEGOTIATION)
  • Naruto from Naruto - This is a bottle top figure. 
  • Miroku from Inuyasha. Comes with stand.
  • Finding Nemo - O_o I don't even remember where I got this. But its a Finding Nemo one. XD Nemo, Gil and the blowfish (I don't remember his name) are all on Mount Wana Haka Lugee.
  • Sakura from Naruto - Tiny little Sakura. Comes with stand.
  • Naruto from Naruto - Tiny little Naruto. Comes with stand.
  • Naruto from Naruto - Yet another one. XD He's growling. I can't seem to find an image.
  • Spike, Faye and Ein from Cowboy Bebop (non-capsule)- I was gonna sell the Swordfish with it, however it broke in storage. T-T However, if anyone wants it, I will sell it. XD

  • MANGA (Japanese and English)
  • Fruits Basket Volumes 1-5 in Japanese - I bought these back at Anime Boston 2004. They're in great condition. If possible I would like to sell these as a set.
  • Azumanga Daioh volume 1 -  The cover has a slight curl from the heat. Also some corners are bent from being in storage.
  • RANDOM JAPANESE MANGA ANTHOLOGY - I think its a monthly thing - kinda like COOKIE. Includes a manga that seems to have something to do with the Disney Princesses. There's some wear from storage.
  • Boyfriend volume 1 in Japansese - I don't know anything about it. There is a slight curl in the cover from heat.
  • Tokyo Mew Mew Volumes 1-4 (5 in negotiation) in Japanese - Perfect condition. Never been touched really.
  • Random Rurouni Kenshin volume in Japanese - Perfect condition.
  • The Kindaichi Case Files volume one - This one is well read. I think my sister enjoyed it more than I did.
  • Model volume 1 - Perfect condition.
  • Love Hina volume 1 - This has many ben ds in the cover from when I first got it. What can I say? When I was just beginning I was quite rough with my manga (my Sailor Moon volumes are the worst).
  • FAKE volume 7 - In great condition.
  • BLEACH volumes 1-2 - In great condition.
  • Steal Angel Kurumi volume 1 - I didn't even read it. It still has a tag from FYE on the back.
  • Pretear volume 1 - Again, not even read. It does however have stickerness on the back. I tried to take the sticker from FYE off but to no avail.`
  • Shojo Beat Manga Anthology Volumes 1-4 - This includes the first 4 chapters of NANA, Godchild, Absolute Boyfriend, Baby & Me, Kaze Hikaru, and Crimson Hero. They're loved and curled from heat and storage. ^^;

  • Kakashi/Iruka YAOI doujin - Great condition. Only flipped through a few times. (IN NEGOTIATION)
  • Nicholas D. Wolfwood/Vash doujin - Slight curl from heat.
  • GRAVITATION REMIX 8.5 K/SOME RANDOM DUDE I DON'T KNOW XD - Slight bend in dust cover. SOLD
  • Inuyasha Art Book - Very loved. There is a slight tear in the cover near binding.

  • DVDs (All DVDs are in great condition!)
  • Excel Saga volume 2
  • Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi
  • Rurouni Kenshin volume 2
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion Death and Rebirth
  • G-Gundam volumes 1-2
  • Sailor Moon Super-S volume 7
  • Saiyuki volume 1

  • Green Pyscho le Cemu make-up bag
  • Olive green One Piece purse
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