kurage. (imyanondaeafan) wrote in garagesalejapan,

My friend started a service which provides Auctions@Yahoo Japan bidding, websitejp buying, and club subscriptions.
This is limited to clothing and music bidding/buying.
A great service to everyone who can not bid or buy off of a Japanese site or only ships in Japan!

Another offer in the service is fanclub subscriptions such as becoming a member of A knot etc.
Of course, there are charges, but it's not as bad compaired to other places that offer the same thing.

Feedback can be checked on the service site
So please visit: http://mukunoki-jp.net/!
One thing I would like to mention is please do not use Firefox.
I have it myself, but the flash coding does not work with it. Instead, perhaps you Internet Explorer or MSN. Thanks.

Please delete or tell me to delete if this is not acceptable or welcomed. Thank you!
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