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Anime Dolls!

Barbie sized anime dolls

PLEASE BUY MY BABIES AND GIVE THEM GOOD HOMES. Seriously I have to move in a month and I would hate to throw these away or give them to my bratty lil cousins who would not appreciate them. Plus the profit will help me with my big move from Pennsylvania to San Francisco. ^_^ Give them good homes!

Sakura Taisen,Sailor Moon,Magic Knight Rayearth,Wedding Peach,St Tail,Talking,Marmalade Boy, Cutey Honey and Ranma 1/2 figureines. If you purchase Hikaru I will include a Mokona keychain for free. Hikaru and Mokona need to be together they are OTP heheheheh ^_^
The Mokona keychain use to beep and make lil Makona noises but its 8 years old and the battery is dead. but he's fat and a perfect size to pose with the dolls (Like a chicken egg).

If you buy more than 2 dolls, I will only charge only $5.00 for every 3rd doll and ofcourse combine the shipping or email you about shipping options that are affordable to you. Or more secure shipping options.

All dolls $12.50 each ( that includes standard shipping in the price) . If you want priority mail let me know and we'll arrange something.
I'll ship the dolls in standard bubble package mailer envelope. I can have it insured for $1.00. NOTE some of the dolls may be missing accesories. Like Primera, her odangos broke but I kept them anyway and I'll mail them or Sumire( purple kimono ) is missing her headband and shoes.12" Miki of Marmalade boy in the green seifuku and brown ponytail comes with a change of casual clothes( she has a small) brown paint stain on her sock), if you would like me to take a pic of the clothes I can, but you will have to wait a few days till I get new batteries for my camera, but the change of clothes are still attatched to the boxcard they came in. The others, well its been so long since I was into anime and those shows that I cant recall what they came with. At any rate they have been boxed away for the last 6 years or longer. I am moving and my babies need new homes.

If your interested in buying them please email me at


so I can give you my paypal info, I also accept Money Orders as long as they are Western Union,United States Postal Service or American Express.

Warning some of the pictures came out fuzzy, honestly this was so by accident I retook so many pictures and I think my digital camera may be dying or broke ;__; but if you have any questions please ask and I'll answer to the best of my ability.

"12 inch Miki of Marmalade Boy















Mini Miki of Marmalade boy is $15.00, $3.00-shipping (no extra clothes she only comes with what she is wearing)
She is mini but a collectable in great shape X-D and I kinda wanna keep her( she reminds me of miaka) but hey! I'll sell her for $15.00

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Sakura Taisen $10.00 shipping $3.00


Ranma 1/5 $ 5.00 shipping $3.00

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