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Official Shitajiki
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new and never removed from plastic. Saiyuki has a back image and Fruits Basket is transparent.
$7 each

Official Japanese press CDs
Kamikaze - Yakyuu ga koroshita $8 *still sealed
hitomi - h - $8 *crack on case
AI - 2001 AI - $8 *promo/sample CD
SOULHEAD - reflection (best CD) $9 *promo/sample CD
SOULHEAD - lover, knight, man $5 *promo/sample CD
m-flo - tour 2001 expo expo 2CD [digi-pak] {first pressing} $19
m-flo - the replacement percussionists [digi-pak] $16
Ayumi Hamasaki - Unite! - $6
Olivia - Comatose Bunny Butcher - $30
Olivia - The Return Of The Chlorophyll Bunny $30
12012 - Suisou no naka no kanojo -live only release- {offers}
12012 - Ray ~hidari mawari no kaichuu tokei~ -live only release- {offers}
Scissor - Number Cut #3 {all photopages autographed} {offers}
Panic Channel - debut sen {offers}

$6 Manga
Shutterbox v1
Lament of the Lamb v1
Chobits v1
Tokyo Babylon v1

Lineage 2 (I have like 30 boxes, CD key may or may not work ^^;;)
-full box - $6 (box, inserts, booklets, sticker sheet)
-Just CDs - $3 (two CDs in cardboard art case)
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