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J-pop Cds and Anime Dvds for Sale

Hi All!
In preparation for the new school year I'm clearing out some of my Cds and Dvds.

I've got various Cds and/or  Singles for sale of the following artists:
Do as Infinity, Luna Sea, L'arc en Ciel, Nakashima Mika, GLAY.

All are offical japanese release (unless otherwise noted) and are in great to excellent condition ~

[ALBUM] Do As Infinity - Break of Dawn (comes with protective slipcover) - $12

[ALBUM} Luna Sea - Shine -  $8 (top)
[SINGLE] Luna Sea - Tonight  - $5 (some of cover sticker scratched off - see pic)

{SINGLE) GLAY -  Hitohiro no Jiyuu $6    (top)

[ALBUM] L'arc En Ciel - SMILE $8 (u.s version - tofu records)
{SINGLE} GACKT - Kimi no Tame Ni Dekiru Koto $8 


I'm also selling off some Ayashi no Ceres DVDs &  Arc the Lad Vol.1 & Full Metal Panic with the bonus poster Vol. 1   ~  ~ All official R1 (dual audio) ~  ~
Ayashi no Ceres (Celestial Legend) R1 Vol. 1-4 
$10 each 

Arc the Lad Vol. 1  - $5

Full Metal Panic Vol. 1. ~ Comes with a bonus poster and reversible cover. 
$13  (pics of the poster available upon request)

I also have a Heroic Legend of Arislan Sdtrk for sale if any one is interested.
An original sdtrk from 1991 in near mint condition. Extremely hard to find ~ especially in this condition.  Asking $45.  

Paypal works best for me but I can also do international money orders.
Feel free to ask any and all questions! ^^

Thanks for looking! 
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