lix (thisismykitty) wrote in garagesalejapan,

selling 2 CDs

hey! i need to get rid of these CDs because i'm in need of some quick money... i really don't want to part with them, but i need to. T_T

the legend of zelda: ocarina of time re-arranged album - $5

this cd has basically all of the classic zelda songs from the game re-mixed into electronica. the tracks are:
1. title theme
2. battle
3. lost woods
4. lon lon ranch
5. shop
6. zelda's theme
7. middle boss battle
8. temple of time
9. kotake + koume's theme
10. hyrule field main theme
11. great fairy's fountain
12. last battle

merveilles by malice mizer - $6

awwweesome cd. there's an itsy bitsy chip on the case, but otherwise everything else is in fab condition. :D it's got a really nice thick booklet too with cool photo shoots and all the lyrics. the tracks are:
1. ~de merveilles
2. syunikiss
3. (i can't read kanji O_O)
4. illuminati
5. brise
6. (again, can't read kanji)
7. au revoir
8. je te veux
9. s-conscious
10. (...)
11. bois de merveilles

will take concealed cash or money order! thanks!!
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