Indou (indou) wrote in garagesalejapan,

I've got a few random items up for sale at low prices, including DVDs, doujinshi, shitajiki, manga, etc. Media mail shipping is FREE for English-language manga and shitajiki. Prices for everything else do not include shipping, but it won't be much ^^; Please take a look!

My Final Fantasy, Trigun, and Naruto doujinshi for sale can be found on my website here:
Just click on "For Sale" and it will take you straight to the books for sale.

Here are the doujinshi I'm selling that I haven't gotten up on the site yet:

These two pencil boards are $4 each:

The WeiB Kreuz board is transluscent; the RK one is two-sided.

These manga books are $5 each:

These DVDs are $6 each:

L/R volume 1 is still sealed, Hack//Sign has been watched a few times.

This book is $9; it was originally published at $19.95:

Totally unrelated, I also have this T-Shirt on Ebay:

Edit: link fixed~

For payment, I can accept money orders, very well-concealed cash (at your own risk, although I've never had any lost) and non-credit card Paypal. Please post here if you have any questions :D Thanks.

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