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HUGE amount of brand name lolita, gothic, punk clothes for direct sale.. cheap!

My two flatmates and I are cleaning out out closets and selling our stuff for cheap! All items mentioned as brand name are official brand name clothes from Japan (there are also some handmade and no-brand items, which will be listed as such). Items will be shipped from Japan.. an approximate shipping price is $5 for one shirt or small item. Shipping will be the same to EVERYWHERE, except South America and Africa will be slightly higher. We will combine shipping and we won't overcharge, so we'll give you an estimate if you want multiple things! Everything is for direct sale and all prices are negotiable! We just want to get rid of it all! XD

We accept the following methods of payment: PayPal (NON credit or debit payment.. bank account or balance ONLY!), International Postal Money Orders from the USA, cash in USD or yen. If you really want something and can't pay from one of the above methods, let us know and we'll see what we can work out.

If interested, comment with the following:
1) Item number(s) and names
2) Price offer
3) How you intend to pay

Some items have been photographed with and without flash to get a better idea of the details. Flash will wash out dark colors, so keep that in mind! We take great care of our clothes so nothing is faded, stained or otherwise wrong with it unless stated.


Onto the clothes!!

001. h.NAOTO Anarchy tank top
Standard Anarchy size (stretchy and will fit up to a 38 bust)
Asking: $25.

002. Hiderock deconstructed skull tank top
Standard Japanese size (stretchy and will fit up to a 38 bust)

Asking: $25.

003. h.NAOTO Anarchy pants
Original price about $140, I wasn't allowed to try these on in the store but bought them anyway, and they were too big for me. They are unisex so the crotch hung down a bit, so I had them tailored in at the thighs to make them more feminine. However, the waist was still too big for me. They're screenprinted and have snaps up the side to make the legs flare. The waist is 30 inches, and inseam is 29.
Asking: $70

004. h.NAOTO long deconstructed skirt
Beautiful long skirt with elastic waist. It's made of an unevenly dyed dark blue fabric, sewn up with spiderweb print mesh and other fabrics, with lacing and grommets. Originally about $150. One size fits most.
Asking: $55

005. h.NAOTO furry butt flap
Attach this to jeans or a skirt for instant punky edge. Made of black fur, it's not just decorative but has a zippered pocket to use as a purse too.
Asking: $20

006. h.NAOTO belt pack
This belt is great for wearing to concerts when you don't want to leave your bag somewhere, or for when you want your hands free shopping. It's got three pouches hanging from it that are big enough to fit your wallet, cel phone and other important things. Also just looks cool in a purely decorative sense! Made of a sturdy canvas, belt is fully adjustable.
Asking: $35

007. h.NAOTO jean skirt
This is a vintage piece! From a few years ago when Naoto tried out some less insane designs. This is a gray jean skirt with lots of pockets and a couple zippers. The side zipper doesn't close fully (intentionally!). Waist is about 29 inches.

Asking: $35

008. Emily Temple Cute skirt
Adorable flared skirt made of a textured cotton. Unstretched 24 inches, stretched maximum 31.5 inches.

Asking: $50

009. Emily Temple Cute tshirt
Cute tshirt, but well worn. Slightly discolored in areas, but not too noticible.
Asking: $5

010. Emily Temple Cute hoodie
Navy blue hoodie with small design on the chest. Best for petite individuals. The design is not blurry like in the 2nd photo, I just couldn't hold the camera still x_x
Asking: $25

011. Handmade lolita collar
Black interfaced cotton trimmed in lace, ties in the front to make any tshirt cuter.
Asking: $5

012. Forever 21 belt and chain skirt
Only worn once or twice. Size small, best fits a 27 or so waist.

Asking: $5

013. Morbid Threads pinstripe skirt
Cute mini-skirt. Size XS, best fits a 25 or so waist.

Asking: $5

014. No-brand black miniskirt
Could be worn with a variety of styles. Made of a nylon-y material, with mesh and straps and stuff. Bought in Japan. Size 27 or so waist.

Asking: $5

015. Sex Pot Revenge plaid skirt
Half plaid, half pleather skirt that zips up the middle. Looks cool alone or over pants. About a 29 waist.

Asking: $15

016. Sexy Dynamite buckle skirt
Black skirt that buckles up the sides. The second photo shows it from the side. About a 27 waist.

Asking: $15

017. Black Peace Now deconstructed tank top
Standard Japanese size (stretchy and will fit up to 38 bust)
Asking: $25

018. Putumayo (Spiga) aristocrat hat
Big floppy hat made of a red velvet-like fabric and trimmed in black lace.
Asking: $20

019. Black Peace Now long skirt
This is a gorgeous long, full skirt with bottom ruffle. A belt hikes up the front for a runched effect. Bottom ruffle is not significantly different colored, the flash makes it look more than it is. Elastic waisted, one size fits most.
Asking: $55

020. Sexy Dynamite London tote bag
Big enough to carry textbooks or use as an overnight bag.
Asking: $10

021. Casual lolita tshirt
Bought somewhere in NYC. Magenta colored tshirt with puffed sleeves and crown screenprint. Only worn a few times. Size S, max bust 34.
Asking: $10

022. No-brand punk-lolita skirt
Bought in Harajuku, this skirt is a great staple piece. Straps cross in the back. Elastic waist stretches, but best fits smaller sizes. Recommended for 25~27 inch waists.
Asking: $15

023. Handmade deconstructed tie
Tie styled to look like h.NAOTO. Screenprinted and deconstructed with mesh and grommets.

Asking: $5

024. Hot Topic skeleton shirt
Glows in the dark! Size small.

Asking: $5

Thanks for looking!
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