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11 August 2006 @ 04:10 pm
moving away deal :D!  
hellu~~~leaving for uni and have to get rid of some stuff!!!! please help me and take these babies of my hands :)

how to draw manga:
volume 2, 3
super tone techniques
$16 ea. shipped
*perfect condition*

chinese manga:
$4 or all 4 for $13 shipped
v.1-4 dn angel

japanese manga:
$4 or all 3 for $10 shipped
v.1-3 hunterxhunter

english yaoi:
$7 ea shipped each unless otherwise stated
v.1 hands off
v.1 level c
v.1-7 FAKE *comeplete* all for $40 shipped
v.1-4 eerie queerie *complete* all for $30 shipped

english manga:
$7 ea shipped
v.1 negima

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