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12 August 2006 @ 01:48 am
Looking for English translated Yaoi books  
Looking for these books to read on the 14 hour plane ride to Japan. ^^;; Only English versions wanted.

1. Cold Sleep Yaoi Novel by Narise Konohara (I REALLY want this one)
2. Hands Off! 6 by Kasane Katsumoto
3. Menkui 1 by Suzuki Tanaka
4. Love Mode 3 by Yuki Shimizu
5. Only the Ring Finger Knows Novel 2: The Left Hand Dreams of Him
6. Challengers 1-2 by Hinako Takanaga
7. Art of Loving by Eiki Eiki
8. Empty Heart by Masara Minase

Please name your price and I'll get right back to you. I can't buy too much because I can only take what I can fit in carry-on luggage, but if you have a good deal, I might have to snatch it up. Thanks!