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Jrock for sale!!

Once again I need to pay off some bills so this stuff needs to go. Just trying to feel around and see if any one wants these items. Pictures can be taken of anything you wish.. just ask!. Feel free to speak with me about pricing. All items in good condition. I take paypal (if with credit card you must pay the charge), money order, or concealed cash at your won risk. (please don't request to buy if you do not intend on paying -_-;; I've had six of these cases in the last month. I'm more willing to haggle with you then work with a person again if they make a deal and don't follow through) If you would like shipping insurance or a tracking code we can work it out into your order. Please take a look!

all CDS and tapes are $3 for shipping in the USA (subject to higher billing outside of US)

Sophia $7
PromiseEve $7
Raspberry Time $7
Izam Presents Thes Best of Boy George & Cultrue Club - For the Children's Children- name your price
Izam - アイリス(初回限定盤)$8


Mini Moni
ミニモニ。ソング大百科1巻(Mini Moni Great Songs Encyclopedia Volume 1)$8
comes with book mark and minimoni member card

Candy Crunch Speaker (Aya from Missalina Rei)

Coup d' etat
Kingdom o' madness silence is violence out of confusion I against the society$6

6 dollars shipped
05.01 Cure - Noiz (a little crinkled on the edging and pin holes. Will take a dollar off for this item)
05.11 Cure - Vidoll (never used)
05.12 Cure - Undercode Production (never used)
05.04 Cure - Kra (never used)
06.02 Cure - Lareine(never used)
06.04 Cure - Phantasmagoria (never used)
06.07 Cure - 12012 (never used)
....and an Arena 37 C poster with SID on it... I believe it was from a December 2005 mag.. that featured WaTT. I can't remember very well... but it's in very good condition with two pin holes.

Photo Book
Shazna Dears September Lovers
Shazna Live at Budokan'98 $13 shipped

Plastic Tree Tour Bag 2003 Shiro Cronicle-- used a few times and has a couple of tiny pin holes. It was washed and stored away. $20 shipped (in USA.. may be more outside of US)

Kisaki Project T-shirt-- Worn quite a few times. Says Japanese Medium... but can fit larger. It has been washed and stored away. $13 shipped (in USA.. may be more outside of US).

Kisaki Project DVD Final Confession-- watched once or twice. Comes with DVD, CD, and Card with kisaki on it. $35 shipped
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