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Well, I got this idea from another LJ user I saw in another selling community and thought it was a super idea! I have tons of Sanrio merch I collected over the years and I'm sorta just letting it collect dust in my closet & plus I'm kinda over it all, haha. So I figured I would give it all a new home.

Some of these items are practically new, since I bought stuff just because it was Sanrio and I had money, but never really used it. If you have any questions about a certain item feel free to ask.

Basically how it will go is, you can buy as many "raffle tickets" as you want. Each "ticket" will cost $10 ( there will be no shipping and packing charge) and you can pay with PayPal. Once it's time to pick a winner I put each contestants LJ name on a piece of paper, put the papers in a hat and have my little sister pick a winner.

Today is August 13th, I will wait 3 days to hopefully get participants and then I will have my sister pick a winner on August 16th. The winner of the "raffle" will be posted on my LJ under the entry titled "SANRIO RAFFLE" and I will contact the winner to let them know they've won, and each of the participants to confirm the "raffle" has ended, via email and LJ comment.

So, if you're interested, please go to my LJ. There will be an entry titled "SANRIO RAFFLE", there will be a short form to fill out and you're set!

Questions or anything? Just comment.

Also feedback is on my LJ!

This is what the winner will recieve!!

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1. Badtz-Maru plastic tote bag. Slight wear, great condition!

2. Badtz-Maru plastic tiny purse. Perfect condtion

3. Keropi plastic coin purse. Perfect condition.

4. Hello Kitty Oragami paper, has instructions on the back for making different figures.
Slight wear on the cover and such, comes with stickers also but missing a few.

5. Cute plastic shopping bag I kept from the Sanrio store.

6. Hello Kitty hard candy, this is open, I had a couple, heh. They're really good, the packaging is all in japanese, so I'm not sure what flavour they exactly are but they're like a berry flavour.

7. Hello Kitty 3-ring binder case. You put it in your binder and you can put like writing untensils in it. It also has a slot for cards and a little photobook for pictures. Perfect condtion.

8. Hello Kitty stick book. Contains 17 sticks, but missing 7, so it only has 10.

9. Twelve Sanrio Happy Meal Toys. 10 are Hello Kitty, 1 is Pochacco and 1 is Dear Daniel.

10. Hello Kitty computer game. It's called "Hello Kitty Big Fun Piano", I haven't played it before but I assume you make music and such with it.

11. Hello Kitty mini note book. Pefect condition.

12. Sponge Hello Kitty figure. It's kinda like one of those stress reliever things you squeeze. Perfect condtion.

13. Gel pens, 4 in total. 2 of them are Hello Kitty, 2 are some other Bunny character I'm unfamiliar with.

14. 4 Sanrio writing untensils. A pink Hello Kitty led pencil, a Pochacco led pencil, a Tuxedo Sam pen & led pencil in one. And a Hello Kitty led cap pencil and colour pencil, it's those pencils that have those little caps inside with pieces of led on it and you use it until the led is done and then theres more inside. It's hard to explain.

15. Hello Kitty plush. Perfect condition.

16. Another cute shopping bag I kept from the Sanrio store.
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