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NEW ITEMS! Please help me ^___^

**I have 100% Positive Feedback on Ebay**
**I accept Paypal as a payment preferably..because I really need money now, but if you can ONLY pay some other way,then just let me know**
**I take offers**
**NO DEADBEATS-Please ;_; if you don't want it and you asked about it, just let me know, ok ^___^ I won't hate you or anything**

I really need to raise $150 as soon as possible. I'm not looking for anything crazy, but I will take almost all offers that come my way XD

Items include Manga and Doujinshi,DVD boxsets,Games,Merch and Plush,and Clothing (Japanese street style!). Fandoms include: Rune Soldier,Sailor Moon,Cowboy Bebop,HELLO KITTY,Keropi,Ah My Goddess,Final Fantasy,KINGDOM HEARTS II, and much much more!!

All items come from a smoke free home and are in perfect condition unless noted ^__^ Please feel free to make reasonable offers.

This is a Japanese strategy guide for Final Fantasy X-2, by Studio BentStuff and published by DigiCube. Is over 730 pages long! Specially imported! This is also BRAND NEW and in MINT CONDITION. OBI is included.

Contains character bios, charts, job data, monster data, walkthrough, maps and much much more! Also includes some incredible, official artwork you'd expect only from the Final Fantasy series.
I'll take offers for it-but I have been deadbeated...several times on it x___x;


Another special item before the basics:

KINGDOM HEARTS II STANDEE-another thing I have been deadbeated on.
I WILL TAKE ANY OFFER simply because it has nowhere to go. I already have one myself, so I don't want this one to go to waste. SHIPPING is expensive on these because they are so big..and I have checked everywhere. I LIVE IN MICHIGAN and PICK-UP OR DROP OFF IS ACCEPTABLE ALSO!!!
Please give this a good home-I don't want to throw it away!


Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi

Title:Ike Ike Fantasy!!

Pairings: none

Pages: 38

A super cute Final Fantasy VII GAG doujinshi. They are all super cute and ...well pretty much crazy x_x
Make an Offer

Tokyo Mew Mew Vols. 1-3 and 6
Make an offer ^_^

Negima Volume 1 (English)
Chobits Volume 1 (English)
Ah My Goddess!! Sympathy for the Devil (English)
(Tsubasa is currently on hold)
Japanese Toy magazine (but the cover is much like a book) Huge and pretty cute and unique.
I will send you all 3 of the manga, shipped, for $9!!! These are just extras that could have a much better home. The toy magazine make any offer on-that's just sitting around too ;_; ALL are in GREAT condition!


RUNE SOLDIER: Complete Series. Episodes 1-26.
This is the THIN PACK boxset, composed of 6 DVDs that is BRAND NEW
I'm looking for $30 Shipped, However, feel free to make offers.


Metal Gear Solid 2-In Like New condition. Complete with case and booklet.
Make an offer on this one ^__^(any offer..it just sits x_x; XD)
sorry about the glare in the pic x__x

Final Fantasy XI including two expansions for the PC
NEW!!! (seriously) comes complete with absolutely everything.
Make an offer

I also have:
Metroid Prime for the Game Cube
(for pics, just ask. this is make an offer also)


SAILOR MOON-various figures that are adorable ^___^ I wouldn't be selling them if I didn't need money .__.
Make an offer on these also

Very rare RINI figure from Sailor Moon-she's sooo cute and unique. I will let go of her for a good offer, I can't seem to find her anywhere else.

Faye Valentine figure-perfect condition and already assembled.
Make an Offer

Very shiny,clean HK Plushies-90% still have tags on them ^^ Make offer for each.
Pumpkin HK is..so cute!!! :3
Make an Offer NOTE: HK in the striped shirt and HK in the bunny suit are TRADED. ^__^


ADORABLE Keropi shirt! Brand new and I have never seen anything like it! The reason I'm selling it is it is much too big for me, I'm a Small/Medium and it fits like a LARGE.
Make an offer

CUTE~! Pink plaid skirt. If it was more my style now I would wear it. Pink and black plaid school girl skirt. I'm a size medium and it fits me perfectly.
Make an Offer

SHIPPING: I will ship anywhere in the world so long as shipping is covered. I will send it the fastest way possible within the price range given for shipping (for example: sometimes getting it in 2 days IS CHEAPER than priority-I will take that option). If you would like delivery confirm or insurance, just let me know ^___^.
All I need to calc. shipping is your zip. Or you could make an offer that includes shipping.
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