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direct sale: backissues of Cure & SHOXX, SAN-X & Gloomybear

I'm trying to get rid of my magazine collection and a few SAN-X and Gloomybear items. Click the cut to see a SAN-X bag, Gloomybear shirt, and backissues of Cure & SHOXX :3

I accept paypal, personal checks (US only), and postal money orders - international orders ok. Please click here for complete information on my payment & shipping policies. If you know you definitely want something please leave me your zip code, payment method, and email address.

Unless noted, all magazines are in good to excellent condition and have been flipped through, but not battered. Many are like new.

Cure 11/2005 - $8

Coverband: Vidoll. Also has an article about some sort of American convention in Southern California and has two full pages of photos of attendees. Comes with a trading card, no poster.

Cure 2/2006 - $8

February 2006 issue of Cure ft. Kamijo of LAREINE on the cover, comes with a special LAREINE cd (poster not included).

Cure - June 2006 - $12

June 2006 issue of Cure ft. D on the cover (poster included).

SHOXX - 9/2000 - $11

Coverband: SEX MACHINEGUNS. Also includes articles on hide and MALICE MIZER. No poster.

SHOXX - 10/2005 $13

Coverband: Gazette - comes with poster.

SAN-X & Gloomybear
Korirakkuma (Baby Relax Bear) furry coin pouch - $2

Is a cute coin pouch (with a key chain attached) about the size of your fist. Pouch is next to a penny for size comparison. Super soft, super cute. Back of purse and inner lining of pouch.

Monokuro Boo bag - $20

Brand new, never used Monkuro Boo bag. The bag is white and made out of a waterproof material (maybe a dull vinyl) bag is 12 inches long, 9 inches deep, and about 2.5-3 inches wide. Bag is white with gray, red, and black hearts along with black and white pigs. Pattern detail.

Gloomybear t-shirt - $12

Although there is no size on the label, I would say that this is approximately a US Men's size small. Bust is approximately 18 inches/46cm (flat measurement), length is approximately 26 inches/66cm
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