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For sale: 5 VHS Dragonball and Dragonball Z tapes

Hi everyone~
This will be the first time I'm selling here, but no worries! I've been on ebay for 7 years and you can check my feedback, username: *_midi_nette_*
I'm selling my things since I lost a ton of money on my trip to Otakon this year. -.-' With school coming up, I need to afford the textbooks.

Up for sale are 5 VHS tapes, all of them for $6:

Dragonball 1: Secret of the Dragon Ball
--Episodes 1 and 2: "Secret of the Dragon Ball" and "The Emperor's Quest"

Dragonball 2: The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi
--Episodes 3 and 4: "The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi" and "Oolong the Terrible"

Dragonball Z: Garlic Jr. Sacred Water (Uncut)
--Episode 96 "Fight with Piccolo"
--Episode 97 "Call for Restoration"
--Episode 98 "Suicidal Course"

Dragonball Z: Garlic Jr. Vanquished (Uncut)
--Episode 99 "Extreme Measures">
--Episode 100 "The World Awakens"
--Episode 101 "Brief Chance for Victory"
--Episode 102 "Krillin's Proposal"

Dragonball Z: Trunks Mysterious Youth (Uncut)
--Episode 103 "Frieza's Counterattack"
--Episode 104 "The Mysterious Youth"
--Episode 105 "Another Super Saiyan?"

behind the cut.

I am also selling 6 Martial Arts movies for anyone intereted,

Martial Arts Movies, all 6 for $6, plus a free unofficial copy of Iron Monkey

~The 72 Desperate Rebels
~Long Step Mantis
~Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
~Stone Cold Wu Tang
~Thunder Ninja Kids

Contact me with any questions!
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