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ebay auctions ending soon & privately selling stuffs

Trying to get rid of a WHOLE lot of Visual Kei, Japan Punk, J-Rock, etc. Japanese goods in the coming two weeks or so because I'm moving out of the country and it's going to be thrown out by my mother otherwise. These are beloved items I really don't want to get rid of, but you know what they say, you can't take it with you. Hoping to find a good home for this stuff, so please take a look!!!

Auctions set to end in less than 24 hours!!!!

Auction #1 is for a Sex Pot Purse.

Auction #2 is for a Shin-ComP schoolbag.

Auction #3 is for a Fred Perry purse. (Fred Perry is hella popular in Japan, suprisingly enough! ^^;)

All are in mint condition. Check out my 100% good feedback if you feel the need!!

I will be listing more things (and with pictures!) such as older issues of SHOXX, B-Pass, Z:Y, Zappy, and many rare VHS tapes featuring such artists as Buck-Tick, Pierrot, Gackt, Plastic Tree, Sophia, X-Japan, Blast, Aile, cali=gari, in addition to other punk goods from stores like Sex Pot and Algonquins, and cute things from Anap and Tommy Girl Japan in the coming days.

Note that shipping cost is NOT included in these prices. PLEASE contact me at this.elegy(at)gmail(dot)com in order to get a shipping quote, because I will tailor it to your location!! Prices are always negotiable; if you think you have a fairer price, please make an offer!! I accept paypal (no credit cards please, it's not a merchant account), postal money order, well-concealed cash at your own risk, and personal check (all items paid for by personal check will wait on shipping until the check has cleared). Thank you ^^

Hana Yori Dango Fansub Tapes (11 VHS tapes, complete series)
Price: cost of shipping

Paradise Kiss manga (English-translated version)
v. 1-5 (complete), condition is mint
Price: $5 each, or $20 for the set

mArs manga (English-translated version)
v. 1-15 (complete), condition is mint
Price: $5 each, or $65 for the set
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