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14 August 2006 @ 02:29 pm
Selling Rare cards!  
Hi! Anybody here a big fan of Card Captor? I happen to be selling rare art cards. Please look below at the cut for more information!

I'm selling Art cards, or trading cards. They're rare now a days and I don't see them being sold anywhere. When I was in my elementary school days, I'd always have to save up money for these. And now I'm limited, and I can't find them anymore.
They're in perfect condition because I put them in protectors before. The art on each one is great quality, and they're seriously collectors item. On the back of each, there's a number and the description of where each picture if from (Back picture is the last one).

Each one is $5.00. I would put it less, but I really can't lessen it more than $5.00. If you buy more than one, shipping will be free. If you buy all four, I can also give you an extra. I got a keychain of a cute kyabejinman in Japan last year, so I'll put that in as an extra. If you want a picture of it, just ask!

Payment methods are:
1. Paypal (fastest, but a bit of a payment fee, according to paypal rules).
2. US Money Orders
3. Concealed Cash in Envelope (but be careful. You are sending on your own risk).

And I ship anywhere. ^^

Please leave a comment to let me know if you're interested!