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Looking for some stuff...

Hi there! :3 I'm looking for some anime and such, and thought I'd post my list here to see if anybody has any of what I'm looking for...


*Cardcaptor Sakura- I still need quite a few volumes of the uncut, OFFICIAL version released by pioneer. (If you have it, let me know what volumes and I'll see if it's any of the ones I need)

*Chrono Crusade- Volumes 5-7

*FLCL- Volumes 2 & 3


*Anything Popotan (don't need DVDs), Nurse Witch Komugi (don't need DVDs), Keroro Gunsou, Negima! (especially figures!), FLCL, or Ojamajo Doremi related.

If you have any of the above, please drop me an e-mail ( ZeroDimensionMuffin (at) hotmail (dot) com ) or reply here, and i'll let you know if i'm interested. :3 THANKS!

(IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN TRADING... I have some manga still for sale/trade. I have Tsubasa #1-4, Inuyasha #1-8, Fruits Basket #6, and Ceres #1-2)
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