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Batsu blouse, worn once, says "flapper devil on the back of the collar, heart shaped buttons (Small)

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Black skirt with "bondage straps" and zippers, elastic waist (Fits sizes 4-6)
$4 shipping

Dir en Grey's "gauze"

(not my photo, but thats the cover)
Its in relatively good condition, both CD books that came with it are in perfect condition, the CD itself is very slightly scratched looking, but it plays/rips perfectly and you can't hear the difference.
$1 shipping

Despairs Ray's "Terrors" EP
5 track EP

(again, not my photo, but the cover looks like that except its red. I got it right after it came out. It did not come with a booklet or anything. The CD is in the same lightly used condition as the other.

e-mail me at

I'm desparate for money, and I need to get rid of this stuff. I accept cash only because I have no credit card and can't open a paypal account.

I am willing to ship internationally, but will have to calculate shipping for you.

I have ebay feedback, my username is "adirawenis"

I've posted this to numerous communities and I will be more likely to be able to respond to you if you send me an e-mail rather than comment here.

please put a subject, like "clothes on livejournal" or any specific item you're interested in so I don't think its spam.
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