Sarael (xxtorturedangel) wrote in garagesalejapan,

I have a few items up for selling incase anyone is interested:

Old Anime Insider Magazines:

I've gone to a few stores where I've seen old issues up for grabs, so I thought, I'd give it a shot and see if anyone's been looking for an older issues before I take these magazines over to the recycling bin.

These are issues: FEB 04 (#12), OCT 05 (#25), APRIL/May 05 (#20) JUL 05 (#22), AUG 05 (#23), JAN 06 (#28), FEB 06 (#29), and MAR 06 (#30).

Doujinshi: All of these comics are in plastic sleeves and if not in mint condition, very close to it.

Saiyuki (Shonen-ai): Both of these are in Japanese and have Shonen-ai/Yaoi themes.

Hellsing: This comic is between Alucard and Integra. Contains some sexual scenarios. All in Japanese.

Inu Yasha: This is a Shonen-ai/Yaoi comic between Inu Yasha and Miroku.

Inu Yasha Goodies: These two items can either be bought together or separately.

First is an Inu Yasha pack of pencils, eraser, folder, ruler, notebook and stickers. This has never been opened.

And the other is a 16 page book of Colored Inu Yasha Postcards

Naruto Stickers: These have not been opened. They can either be bought together or separately. I have Kakashi, Naruto and Gaara.

DBZ/GT Trading Cards: These are a mixture of DBZ/GT Trading Cards. They're in plastic sleeves, and I'm looking to just get rid of them (I bought them when DBZ was at the height of its popularity). You can buy them individualy or I can fill up a whole sleeve and send you the whole sleeve.

(These Prices Include Shipping)

- For the magazines, I'm selling them for $3 a piece or $35 altogether.
- For the Doujinshi, I'm selling them for $15 a piece or $45 altogether.
- For the Inu Yasha Goodies, I'm selling the Pencil Set for $25 and the Postcards for $15. Together, it'll be $35.
- For the Stickers, I'm selling them for $5 a sheet or $10 for all 3.
- For the DBZ cards, Individualy, $1 a card or for a whole sheet, $7.

I'm also willing to bargain or hear your best offer. I only do selling through PayPal (for various reasons) and I ship out these items within 3-5 days (I'm in college, so time is a bit tight right now). Also, I sell items through, so please check out those items as well. I'm selling Manga, DVDs and VHS tapes at great prices!!

Please Click The Banner To See My Items!

All Items Sold! Thank You!
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