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Hey, I'm a former lolita who has since grown out of the fashion, and I'm trying to sell my only non-self-made egl dress (because I'm a really crap seamstress). I ordered this dress for my birthday last year from FanplusFriend. It was custom made for my measurements at the time, but can fit smaller sizes because of the way that the waist ties in the back. I have worn it once, on Halloween, and once to take a picture. I will get it dry-cleaned before I send it off if anyone buys it, though I have already steamed it. It is black with white lace and rick-rack, and the material is a slightly stretchy cotton (perhaps a cotton/poly blend?) The lace never felt stiff or scratchy when I wore it, but I'm kind of insensitive to that sort of thing ^_^;; It also comes with a detachable white and black bow, or a sailor-type tie. If anyone wants to see more pictures, please let me know (and also be specific as to what kind of picture you want, ie pictures of it being worn, pictures with the back tied, pictures with the bow, etc.) Also, if I can find it, it came with a hair bow, which the buyer will also recieve.

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This is a sort of angled view, because it hadn't yet occurred to me that, if I turned off the fan and stood on the bed, I could take a better picture. ^_^;;

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Here is an above shot of the whole dress

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Here's a crappy shot of the tag, sorry! ^_^;;;;;;;

Waist: 19" across, 38" around
Bust: 20" across, 40" around
Skirt length: 22"
Shoulders: 15.5"
Sleeve circumference: Free (it's elastic)

I bought this dress for $100, but I'm not sure what to charge for it, so I suppose I'll take the best offer. If you would like to make an offer, please leave a comment or email me at (replace the "AT" with "@"). If you have a question, please try to reach me in the same way. I hope this dress can find a home!

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