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Sakura-hime Tsubasa Chronicles Cosplay Costume

Hiyas! I am putting my Sakura-hime from Tsbasa Reservoir Chronicles up for sale. I have lost a massive amount of weight, and retailoring the skirt and shirt would not be in my best interest, so I am selling the costume in order to remake it. My loss - your gain, right??

Anyways, The costume is fully complete, and will come with Circle skirt, with coins around the bottom ((I will include whatever extra coins I have... these things are evil and tend to come loose while wearing)) Waist on the circle skirt is 36" but will prolly fit 2 more inches without a problem. ((The skirt hangs more around the hip anyway, compared to the natural waist line)) All seams are finished, french seamed, and the entire skirt has an appliqued bottom.

Elastic pants - will fit waist of 32" however has a lot of stretch to about 38"
Pants are made of the same satin material, and have elastic leg closures as well.

Shawl - Approximately 2 1/2 yards I believe, fully appliqued with the pattern, and has heavier coins around the entire trim.

Shirt - 36" Bust line, will fit up to a 38" bust... I wouldn't go any further. Shirt closes down the front under the applique work with hooks and eyes, and snap buttons to keep the applique in place.

Head dress - Headdress with coins, wig is not included...

Entire costume is made up of bridal satin, and nice acetate material ((red/black is acetate, I wanted it to not be too shiny in comparison to the bridal satin)) and gold tissue lame.

I'm asking $200 - $250 for this costume plus shipping. ((Price can be negotiable, however I don't want to go too much lower than what I paid for making it)) If interested, please let me know.

Images can be found here::

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