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EGL Dress

Hello, this is my first time posting here. ^__^

I'm selling a Elegant Gothic Lolita Dress, similar to one Shinya-san from Dir en grey, is pictured wearing in one photoshoot.

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The dress is a two piece, from the Japanese brand Harajuku, in a Japanese size medium. The waist is about 24" inches, but can probably stretch to at least 30" inches, because of elastic band. The chest size is about 32" inches, though is possible to stretch at least to 38" inches. Hips is free.

It is in excellent condition, was only tried on once, and comes directly from Japan through an Ebay auction. But when I received the product I noticed a small scratch in the material on the back. Though the following pictures are somewhat inaccurate of the damage, because of the quality of my camera. The scratch is almost invisible to the eye.

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It comes from a smoke free environment and has been stored in original bag it came in, the actual Harajuku bag it was purchased in.

Absolutely a beautiful dress.

Asking price $150, shipping will be calculated as soon as the interested party gives address. ^___^

Accept Paypal only.

Email address:

Thank you for looking! ^___^

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