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Tendai 「運命の迷い」

[Selling] Jrock CDs -- SEX MACHINEGUNS, hide, Toshi, Amadeus

I'm selling the following Jrock albums -- if you'd like to buy, or have any questions, I can be reached at deathpiano@gmail.com:

Amadeus -- The Portrait of Ludwig -- $18

By rock-classical fusion group Amadeus, this album is rather rare at this point. Some of my favorite music, including the reworking of Moonlight Sonata that they did. The singer's voice is absolutely haunting and tortured at times, fits in perfectly with the music, and the female backup vocalist Nene performs beautifully. The tracks include Tobanai Tsubasa, TELL ME TRUTH and Maekyougen.

hide - HIDE YOUR FACE - $20

This album by hide includes the songs Blue Sky Complex, Scanner and Tell Me.  Great album, in wonderful condition.  I'm also selling a tour album of hide that I believe came out around this time.  If you want both of them, I'll sell them for $45 and free shipping.

SEX MACHINEGUNS - Burning Hammer (includes obi) - $20

A double album, this creation by SEX MACHINEGUNS includes studio lives and songs like ONIGUNSOW, High Speed SAMURAI and Scorpion Death Rock.  Great value, in excellent condition. 

Toshi (ex-X Japan) -- Mission (includes obi) -- $15

This is, to my surprise, a really nice album.  I wasn't prepared to like Toshi's solo work much, but the songs on here are actually quite pretty, and the packaging is as well.  Some of my favorite songs include Always and Rusty Eyes.


I accept Paypal (preferred), international postal money orders in US dollars, and cash (US dollars only, at your own risk).  Shipping is $5 in the United States, $8 internationally, and can be combined for a better deal if you purchase multiple items.  If you pay with Paypal, please include an extra $2 to cover the fees they charge for receiving money.  Again, if you're interested in anything, please give me an email at deathpiano@gmail.com!
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