girl (blueicing) wrote in garagesalejapan,

US and Canada only. prices include shipping. paypal highly preferred. money orders and well concealed cash also accepted. payments through mail must be sent immediately; i leave for school in a week!

doremi tee-shirt
size small
i hate to get rid of this, but i never wear it.
$12 includes shipping

tokyo mew mew tin lunch box
some scrapes and scratches
$9 includes shipping

nyanko pink lemonade glitter pin $4 shipped
chii chobits fluffy dress pin $5 shipped

pyocola eraser $2 shipped, $1 with any other purchase
kogepan plastic paper clip $2 shipped, $1 with any other purchase

rabi~en~rose plastic folder (has a few scratches) $3 shipped

the angel sanctuary art book from this entry is also still available. $20 shipped
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